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New Profile Posts

  1. Yusuke
    Hello Everyone, I have a question about this game
  2. sakura_mahou
  3. Ighnal
  4. Rance
    Why is it so freakin damn hard to get violet traits..ive used 50k gems and still im unable to get the Charm immunity
  5. Motovator
    Motovator NeoCHI
    I'm looking for an active guild. Been playing for almost a couple years now. Can I join?
  6. Akiya
    Oh no I missed my monthly status update!!
  7. Alvaef
    Is it only me?
  8. oins leniaieao
  9. SamFreeman
    What is the stock color of a KTM motorcycle (MX)?
  10. KichiroRama
  11. BlightDoctor
    Sick Egg Nuggets Dying Nonstop Under Degraded Entrapped Society
  12. Vimal
  13. Akiya
    Okay, Monthly Status update.. I LOVE PERSONA LOL
  14. Yaeger
    Got bearman. Has excellent DEF plus aggro
  15. 1Walker3
    Let's be friend!
  16. m71371
    m71371 NeoCHI
    Hi. I'd like to help you . I'm 45 and have been gaming since they came out. Current obsession, SWGOH.
  17. Yaeger
    Finally a guild leader, who can discuss and interact with guild members! Guild:CielBleu
  18. Sir Deadpool
    Sir Deadpool
    is someone viewing my profile?
  19. Yaeger
    So I just the defeated the Ancient dragon from the tower of dawn w/ only 106k teampower. Heroes: Thanatos, Deborah, Muzaka, Mu, and Mas
    1. Yaeger
      And friend's hero: Chris(Awakened) fully leveled
      May 14, 2017
  20. Modaasher
    Just joined and made an account even though I've had FWT for more than a year. Sorry if you're confused and also, I'm sorry if I'm not here.