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  1. MAKSU
    Dzień dobry, cześć i czołem :)
  2. Akiya
    Still cant quit. Ah, and also gonna spam this status box. Nobody used it anyway XD
  3. Akiya
    Im gonna left the game on Monday. Thank you all, for the adventures.
    1. Ara693
      Damn, you are an oldie though ... Always sad to see long-term people leaving the game.
      Feb 18, 2017
    2. Akiya
      Yeah.. I want to stay if I could. But I have to fous on my study so yea... I hope its just gonna be hiatus..
      Feb 18, 2017
  4. Akiya
    Where's everyone?
  5. BPDox
    Phantom's LI cutscene is about the most polite conversation Lord has had in the whole story so far...
  6. Syarif
    Cant wait for tod hell
  7. Akiya
    49K attack Deborah. Im so Happy ^3^
    1. BPDox likes this.
    2. Syarif
      Whoa.. What an investment :o
      Dec 18, 2016
  8. MagicoSimon
    Italian player, guild administrator of Italeague
  9. Diathedia
    Hmm. Thread moderated forever...
  10. raks
    raks NeoCHI
    I've been playing FWT since BETA, but I've only been serious about it for 6 months. I have unlocked all heroes, and most are 5 stars (including all of those you require for guild admission). I can move gear around to beef up my Lee, but I'm curious what stats your guild would be looking for to consider him "strong enough". I'd hate to waste your time if my gear is just too weak...

  11. beauty teeth
  12. Akiya
    Should do more exercises.. but have no time.
  13. SeiraLoyard
    Need some help! How can I defeat Angela and have her genes without dying any of my heroes?
    1. BPDox
      Yeah I remember, her stages were tough when I first met them. Easiest way would be to bring healers and disablers, I relied on heroes like Mu (stun/heal), Gillan (disarm/heal), Serendi (over-time heal, Charm the minions and minibosses). Yeka would be great too, Sleep/heal and Disarm.

      Eventually though, you'll get strong enough to brute force your way through. Just not right now.
      Nov 5, 2016
    2. Topaz12
      Use Grace before attacking her. If your heroes aren't 5* with gear, then grind before continuing.
      Nov 7, 2016
  14. SeiraLoyard
    SeiraLoyard NeoCHI
    Hi! I've been playing FWT for almost a year now and I do really love the game. Even if from the start of the game I've been having a bad time defeating heroes like Angela and Lee. But with the help of this forum maybe I'll be able to defeat them now.

    BTW! I'd like to become one of the Moderators here! Hope you can allow me to join. Thanks! And have a good day! :)
  15. BPDox
    Hi ho hi ho, off dragon-slaying we go~
  16. Akiya
    White Flag is up! ToD 110 has beat me.
    1. Topaz12
      If you have Persona and Nirvana try Andy Jo's video, it worked for me and i had a 3* Persona and 1* Nirvana
      Oct 27, 2016
    2. BPDox
      I did it with Sella's vid, but it was quite a struggle to balance the damage and gauge building. Anyway, 1 day left!
      Oct 30, 2016
  17. Yekaterina
    Hi guys, I wonder is it possible to change my accounts email address? thanks!
  18. Talorfify
  19. Topaz12
    Are costumes worth it? Costs a lot...
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    2. Topaz12
      Costume package
      Oct 23, 2016
    3. LilPanda
      Costume package is worth it for sure imo. Lord costume gives the stats to everyone and especially if you use Krut and Val and Mas. It's a great deal seeings how most costumes are 600 gems each :)
      Oct 24, 2016
    4. BPDox
      Yeah HP and attk are good stats for costumes. For most ppl Krut and Valk are typically in use, 600 crystals each. Lord costume typically 1k crystals each. That's 2.2k crystals, with an extra costume for Mas thrown in for free. :)
      Oct 24, 2016
  20. fenny
    what's the strat for 110 this month?
    1. Topaz12
      Andy Jo's video is probably the easiest, I was able to beat it using a 3* Persona and 1* Nirvana
      Oct 21, 2016