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New Profile Posts

  1. Yaeger
    Got bearman. Has excellent DEF plus aggro
  2. 1Walker3
  3. m71371
    m71371 NeoCHI
    Hi. I'd like to help you . I'm 45 and have been gaming since they came out. Current obsession, SWGOH.
  4. Yaeger
    Finally a guild leader, who can discuss and interact with guild members! Guild:CielBleu
  5. Sir Deadpool
    Sir Deadpool
    is someone viewing my profile?
  6. Yaeger
    So I just the defeated the Ancient dragon from the tower of dawn w/ only 106k teampower. Heroes: Thanatos, Deborah, Muzaka, Mu, and Mas
    1. Yaeger
      And friend's hero: Chris(Awakened) fully leveled
      May 14, 2017
  7. Modaasher
    Just joined and made an account even though I've had FWT for more than a year. Sorry if you're confused and also, I'm sorry if I'm not here.
  8. Modaasher
    Modaasher NeoCHI
    I've got only had FWTR for a year, and I was wondering if you tell me how to use my username. If I can't, then could you please add a new option for that?
  9. HimeKirsaki
    New Team : Muzaka, Raskreia, Chris, Mas and Raizel with 100,000+ Combat Powerrrr! :)
  10. Akiya
    Still dead. This place is still dead
  11. MAKSU
    Dzień dobry, cześć i czołem :)
  12. Akiya
    Still cant quit. Ah, and also gonna spam this status box. Nobody used it anyway XD
  13. Akiya
    Im gonna left the game on Monday. Thank you all, for the adventures.
    1. Ara693
      Damn, you are an oldie though ... Always sad to see long-term people leaving the game.
      Feb 18, 2017
    2. Akiya
      Yeah.. I want to stay if I could. But I have to fous on my study so yea... I hope its just gonna be hiatus..
      Feb 18, 2017
  14. Akiya
    Where's everyone?
  15. BPDox
    Phantom's LI cutscene is about the most polite conversation Lord has had in the whole story so far...
  16. Syarif
    Cant wait for tod hell
  17. Akiya
    49K attack Deborah. Im so Happy ^3^
    1. BPDox likes this.
    2. Syarif
      Whoa.. What an investment :o
      Dec 18, 2016
  18. MagicoSimon
    Italian player, guild administrator of Italeague
  19. Diathedia
    Hmm. Thread moderated forever...
  20. raks
    raks NeoCHI
    I've been playing FWT since BETA, but I've only been serious about it for 6 months. I have unlocked all heroes, and most are 5 stars (including all of those you require for guild admission). I can move gear around to beef up my Lee, but I'm curious what stats your guild would be looking for to consider him "strong enough". I'd hate to waste your time if my gear is just too weak...