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New Profile Posts

  1. Akiya
    Oh no I missed my monthly status update!!
  2. Alvaef
    Is it only me?
  3. oins leniaieao
  4. SamFreeman
    What is the stock color of a KTM motorcycle (MX)?
  5. KichiroRama
  6. BlightDoctor
    Sick Egg Nuggets Dying Nonstop Under Degraded Entrapped Society
  7. Vimal
  8. Akiya
    Okay, Monthly Status update.. I LOVE PERSONA LOL
  9. Yaeger
    Got bearman. Has excellent DEF plus aggro
  10. 1Walker3
    Let's be friend!
  11. m71371
    m71371 NeoCHI
    Hi. I'd like to help you . I'm 45 and have been gaming since they came out. Current obsession, SWGOH.
  12. Yaeger
    Finally a guild leader, who can discuss and interact with guild members! Guild:CielBleu
  13. Sir Deadpool
    Sir Deadpool
    is someone viewing my profile?
  14. Yaeger
    So I just the defeated the Ancient dragon from the tower of dawn w/ only 106k teampower. Heroes: Thanatos, Deborah, Muzaka, Mu, and Mas
    1. Yaeger
      And friend's hero: Chris(Awakened) fully leveled
      May 14, 2017
  15. Modaasher
    Just joined and made an account even though I've had FWT for more than a year. Sorry if you're confused and also, I'm sorry if I'm not here.
  16. Modaasher
    Modaasher NeoCHI
    I've got only had FWTR for a year, and I was wondering if you tell me how to use my username. If I can't, then could you please add a new option for that?
  17. HimeKirsaki
    New Team : Muzaka, Raskreia, Chris, Mas and Raizel with 100,000+ Combat Powerrrr! :)
  18. Akiya
    Still dead. This place is still dead
  19. MAKSU
    Dzień dobry, cześć i czołem :)
  20. Akiya
    Still cant quit. Ah, and also gonna spam this status box. Nobody used it anyway XD