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Nov 1, 2017
Nov 10, 2015
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Nov 1, 2017
    1. Octavos
      Remove my account thx
    2. Deep Thought
      Deep Thought
      Can't write much by looks of things. Any tips on how to post, and where its most appropriate to?
    3. Motovator
      I'm looking for an active guild. Been playing for almost a couple years now. Can I join?
    4. m71371
      Hi. I'd like to help you . I'm 45 and have been gaming since they came out. Current obsession, SWGOH.
    5. Modaasher
      I've got only had FWTR for a year, and I was wondering if you tell me how to use my username. If I can't, then could you please add a new option for that?
    6. raks
      I've been playing FWT since BETA, but I've only been serious about it for 6 months. I have unlocked all heroes, and most are 5 stars (including all of those you require for guild admission). I can move gear around to beef up my Lee, but I'm curious what stats your guild would be looking for to consider him "strong enough". I'd hate to waste your time if my gear is just too weak...

    7. SeiraLoyard
      Hi! I've been playing FWT for almost a year now and I do really love the game. Even if from the start of the game I've been having a bad time defeating heroes like Angela and Lee. But with the help of this forum maybe I'll be able to defeat them now.

      BTW! I'd like to become one of the Moderators here! Hope you can allow me to join. Thanks! And have a good day! :)
    8. NeoCHI
      Show your support and register now!
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