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06.09 Patch Note

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DarkSoul, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. DarkSoul

    DarkSoul Active Member

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    Feb 19, 2016
    Taking RPG to the Next Level #SRPG

    Hello, Lords!
    We apologize for the delay, but finally, the 06.09 patch note has arrived!

    In addition to all the new contents through today’s patch, you can now enjoy playing in Thai language upon the update.

    <Guild Raid – Dark Fortress>

    On their great journey to World Conquest, Lord and his companions encounter Valkyrie the Soul Gear.
    The fierce fight against the Soul Gear bosses from Ancient Lagrangian empire is about to begin.

    1. Guild Lobby Improvements
    1) Guild Emblem Edit System,
    - Guild emblem can be edited only by the guild master.
    - The first edit upon creating a guild is free of charge, but the future edits will require crystals.
    * All the guilds that were created before the guild-raid update can change the guild emblem free of charge*
    2) Guild Shop
    - You can purchase goods from guild shop with Soul Stone acquired through guild contents.
    - You can purchase items like Valkyrie’s gene fragments and Soul Gear summon scroll.
    - You can get one Soul Gear scroll piece with 200 soul stones.
    - One Soul Gear Scroll = Soul Gear Summon Piece x300 = 60,000 soul stones

    3) Guild Barracks
    - You can confirm those guild skills from guild barracks
    *Guild Shelling: Powerful attack on boss
    *Fire Support: Fires a hail of arrows on enemy minions
    *Absolute Protection: Decrease incoming attack for all allies
    *Combat Support: Powerful heal for all allies

    2. Guild Raid Daily Bosses
    - ‘Dark Fortress’ is a battle contents by testing your heroes’ limits against powerful bosses.
    - You can play a different dungeon each day of the week, which consists of different terrains and bosses. You will get various rewards depending on the achieved scores and rankings.
    - Introducing the daily bosses from Dark Fortress!
    1) Monday – Protective Shield Fortress
    Boss Chronos
    Type Defense
    Concept Tanker boss that increases its defense based on the number of surrounding enemies.
    2) Tuesday – Piercing Bow Fortress
    Boss Parsifal
    Type Attack
    Concept A range-attack boss with focus fire in a large area

    Boss Juggernaut
    Type Balance
    Concept A berserker with powerful attack that pushes back the enemies
    4) Thursday – Illusive Magic Fortress
    Boss Bathory
    Type Area
    Concept Casts magic that confuses enemies with damage over time
    5) Friday – Sharp Spear Fortress
    Boss Trishula
    Type Attack
    Concept Inflicts huge damage on enemies by charging
    6) Saturday – Explosive Gun Fortress
    7) Sunday – Ascending Sword Fortress
    Boss Deimos
    Type Area
    Concept A versatile boss with superb attack and defense
    3. Dark Fortress Combat System
    1) 6-hero party, spawn (allocation) system
    - 6-hero party with 5 of my heroes plus one guild mercenary
    - You can allocate those heroes according to the strategies and tactics you want before the battle starts.
    You can also automatically allocate your heroes.
    2) Auto Battle/Guild Skill
    - Battles in Dark Fortress are conducted automatically and guild skills can be used strategically.
    - Enhancing the guild skills will be added at the guild barracks will be added in the future update.
    3) Party Composition Bonus
    - There is a special party composition that is favorable for each dungeon.
    - You can refer to the composition information to make a powerful party.
    - You can access to the composition bonus information in the bottom of dungeon entrance window.
    4. Dark Fortress Rewards System
    - The daily scores will determine the rewards
    *The rewards are eligible for the lords 24 hours after joining a guild.

    1) Daily Individual Rewards
    - The daily individual rewards are based on the previous day’s score.
    - There are in total of 12 levels of rewards and those rewards are as follows.
    - You can get one item from the acquirable items.
    2) Daily Guild Rewards
    - The daily Guild Rewards are based on the previous day’s guild score.
    - All guild members’ individual scores will be added.
    3) Weekly Guild Rewards
    - Daily guild scores will be added.
    * You are eligible for the weekly guild rewards if you play Dark Fortress 3 times or more a week, with once a day.
    5. Guild Raid – Dark Fortress Basic Information
    - Participation Condition: Available upon clearing Tezen stage 8.You also must be in a guild.
    - Play/reset time: Guild Raid resets at 00:00 every morning and will be available for 24 hours upon reset.
    - Guild Raid Rewards: The daily rewards will be finalized for delivery at 00:00 in the morning and the weekly rewards at 00:00 in the morning on every Monday. You can click on the “receive rewards” button to claim the rewards. (UTC+00)
    - Guild Raid Play Counts: Daily max play counts are 5. The first three plays are free charge, while the next two can be accessed by using crystals.

    6. Guild Raid Score Information

    - Clear Score: Score acquired from one try.
    - Accumulative Score: Total score from all clears
    - Highest accumulative score: The highest accumulative score you have ever achieved.

    * A tip for achieving higher score
    - Utilize the team composition bonus

    7. Valkyrie the Soul Gear
    The final soul gear created by the wizard, Epsilon, who was in utter despair after watching his soul gears got corrupted by Deimos, is now available!

    <Soul Gear>
    Meet the Soul Gears that will make your heroes stronger!
    Not only just the stats, but Soul Gear also changes the appearances of your heroes. There are two parts for Soul Gears: weapon & wings.
    - Soul Gears are powerful weapons created by the Great Wizard Epsilon from the Ancient Lagrangian Empire, using soul stones.
    - You can check each hero’s soul gear from Hero-Hero Information-Soul Gear.
    - There are soul gears that have specialized effects for each hero.
    - ‘Soul Gear Valkyrie’ Set will be introduced one by one.
    - The soul gears will be introduced for the following heroes upon today’s update: Deborah, Lena, Rage, Mas, Momo, Unknown, Mu, Bearman, Serendi, Angela, Yekaterina, Jack, Jenny, Chenny, Kai, Carrot, Chris, Cleo, Persona, Pruel (in total of 20)

    1) Soul Gear Ability
    - Soul Gears are two-set equipment that changes the appearances of heroes.
    - The ‘Overlap skills’ from each hero’s specialized soul gear weapons will enhance the hero’s skills.
    - Soul Gears can be enhanced to +10 with Soul Stones.
    You can enhance at 100% chance with a Soul Gear Summon Scroll
    2) You need Soul Gear Summon Scrolls to acquired Soul Gear
    - ‘Soul Gear Summon Scroll’ can be acquired from ‘Guild Shop’ or through ‘Soul Gear Summon Scroll Piece’ purchase.
    - You can summon a weapon or wings of a hero with a soul gear summon scroll.
  2. DarkSoul

    DarkSoul Active Member

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    Feb 19, 2016
    <Noblesse Collaboration Returns Events>
    New Noblesse Hero Raizel and his Lost Island will be open!
    - New Noblesse hero Raizel is available!
    - Raizel can be acquired from his Lost Islands or through Raizel Package purchase.
    - Lost Island – Raizel will be open from 06.09 (Thurs.) after maintenance to 06.30 (Thurs.) 05:00 (local time)

    <Transcendence System>
    You can transcend your equipment that is already enhanced +10.
    Transcendence tickets will be delivered through on-time event, so please make sure to claim them by logging in!
    *We will make a further announcement on the on-time event above.
    - Transcendence is only available for legendary set equipment and platinum equipment.
    - The Legendary equipment of the same kind will be used for transcendence.
    - You can use a transcendence ticket instead of the equipment.
    - The higher the grade of the equipment, the more stats you will acquire upon transcendence.
    - The stat increases are as follows (Based on +10 enhanced equipment)
    <New Set Items>
    You can see those new set items here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/fant...

    <New Packages>
    1. Celebrating guild raid update package
    - Sale Period: 06.09 (Thurs.) after maintenance – 06.16 (Thurs.) 05:00 am UTC+00
    - Each package can be purchased once per account

    2. Raizel Package
    - Sale Period: 06.09 (Thurs.) after maintenance – 06.16 (Thurs.) 05:00 am UTC+00
    - Purchase available once per the period above

    **Raizel Package: 3* Raizel Full Set (SS), Raizel Gene Fragments x1,000, Noblesse Extracurriculum Costume, Paper Golden Coocoo (lv.250) x5

    * Required gene fragments for recruitment are 720
    * Raizel will immediately be recruited upon purchasing the package. .
    * The remaining 280 gene fragments can be used for skill level-ups

    3. Transcendence Package
    - Sale Period: 06.09 (Thurs.) after maintenance – 06.16 (Thurs.) 05:00 am UTC+00
    - Each package can be purchased once per account

    <Alchemy System Improvements>
    The alchemy gauged filled upon extraction has been increased by 1.5 – 3.5 times based on the grade of the items.

    <Error fix>
    1. The error for the set effect description of Unyielding Champion not showing fully has been fixed.
    2. The error for the event icon not showing in the Nephthys dungeons has been fixed.
    3. ‘N’ showing on friends tab when there are no new invitations has been corrected.
    4. The error for Krut’s movement not increasing on his odd-number turn has been fixed.
    5. The error for the turn skipping when the debuffs are removed with Omniscient and Omnipotent set item has been fixed.
    6. The error for the skill tiles not activating correctly in June ToD 110 stage has been fixed.
    7. The error for the set effect of Central Knights’ Commander not applying correctly has been fixed.

    <Known Errors upon 0609 Update>
    1. The error for descriptions of guild skills not showing correctly.
    *Absolute Protection: Decrease all allies’ incoming damage -> Decrease incoming damage + heal allies
    *Battle Support: Heal all allies -> Heal all allies + remove 2 debuffs
    2. The error for the transcendence items not showing correctly right away when equipped
    *If you reenter equipment menu after visiting the lobby or other menus, the icons will show correctly.
    3. The error for UI overlapping after soul gear tutorial.
    4. The error for set items not being applied for mercenaries.

    Thank you
  3. BinaryPickles

    BinaryPickles New Member

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    Dec 16, 2015
    Is there any way to get Transcendence Tickets besides the on time event and the purchase package?
  4. DarkSoul

    DarkSoul Active Member

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    Feb 19, 2016

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