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Black Coocoo Review - 2st week of August 2016

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Juny, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Juny

    Juny Member

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    Apr 12, 2016
    1 Star - 9/15
    A - Horrible
    S - Very situation; wouldn't hurt to use it, but wouldn't recommend to collect
    SS - Amazing set for any hero
    2 Star - 8/15
    A - Bascially a normal item that can be transcended to +13
    S - Transcending 2 pieces of this set to +13 wouldn't hurt; It's still pretty bad set
    SS - Very nice item, but it is not as good as other 2 star SS set such as Dasomere's Battlesuits
    3 Star - 10/15
    A - Wearing weapon and accessory of this set is recommended; Very good for giving extra defense boost
    S - Decent set; using just weapon and accessory works with armor or having all 3 pieces work as well
    SS - Having this on a team will give extra HP an Attack; Limited usage
    4 Star - 11/15
    A - Amazing set for A rank; Equiping 2 pieces of choice is fine too
    S - Anything to do with dodge is bad in this game (maybe exception of Ghost Step)
    SS - Amazing set; One of the must have set
    5 Star - 15/15
    A - Amazing; This set gives all the good stats [Attack (+13 hammer and necklace), Mastery (necklace), Defense (armor), Accuracy (set effect 1), Critical Rate (set effect 2)
    S - This is almost SS level of set
    SS - Broken item; Extremely good for EVERY HEROES

    If you are planning to pull some gears, go pull 5 star black coocoo
    In this game, you shouldn't look at SS gears and pull for that star unless you are planning to drop a few hundreds to a few thousands of dollars.
    In that sense, this week's 5 star offers an AMAZING A rank and S rank sets in 5 star Black Coocoo.

    However, as always, the smartest thing to do is staying away from the wretched Black Coocoo LOL
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  2. Topaz12

    Topaz12 Active Member

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    Jan 19, 2016
    I had 2 pieces of Sione's and drew a 5 star trying to get a third piece. Ended up getting 3 pieces of Golden Tiger, 2 Heads and a body. At least it is a good set, gotta figure out who to put it on.

    Lol like a month or 2 ago I had one piece of Slime King, rolled 3 times and got the last 2 pieces even though it was SS. I didn't realize how lucky I was.

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