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Fanfiction Posting Guidelines

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Vexx, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. Vexx

    Vexx The Destroyer of Fun

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    Nov 16, 2015
    As more people post their fanfictions on this side of the forums, may we ask you to follow these simple guidelines to avoid problems and 'copyright' issues.

    1) Thread title: Please include your title story, main characters, and genre.
    Title Of Fanfiction (Main Characters: Genre)
    Example 1: I am a Deadly Bunny (Momo: Adventure, Action)
    Example 2: Blooming Flower (RagexSerendi: Comedy, Romance)

    2) At the first few lines on your thread, you may write a summary or gist, and other author comments.
    Example 1: A story about Momo's past life from creation to being the Lord's minion.
    Example 2: Rage's daily grind to win Serendi's heart.

    3) Indicate Fanfiction title, genre, and other warnings as necessary after your comments/summary.
    Title Of Fanfiction

    Example 1: I am a Deadly Bunny
    By Pillowhater
    Genre: Adventure, Action
    Warnings: May contain violence, gore and other adult material not suitable for young readers.

    Example 2: Blooming Flower
    By Pillowhater
    Genre: Comedy, Romance
    Warnings: May contain adult puns not suitable for young readers.
    **This is to avoid adult/sensational issues/pairings which are offensive to some forumers from being read**

    Thank you. :)
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