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Fate/Fantasy (Multiple Pairings: Action, Drama)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Anteras, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Anteras

    Anteras New Member

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    Mar 25, 2016
    Due to the unorganised storyboarding,
    I have decided to put this mashup on hold
    before it curdles into a bigger mess.
    Once I have the characters familiarised,
    and an end game clear in my head,
    this project will be paused until further notice.

    Thank you for the patience and support!


    very hundredth year, when the ghostly clouds part way for the midnight sun, in the name of hope and defiance towards destiny, blood shall be drawn and shed.



    by Anteras

    Genre: Action, Drama (Friendship, Romance*, Family)
    * Romance may contain LGBT themes.
    * Mentioned appearances or key pairings so far: Gillan x Shu-Shu.

    Warning!! This story is subject to change from T to M in progress of writing. Should any amendments be due, this caution will be edited as well in notice.


    Author's Note:

    Hi. First of all a very big thank you for taking interest in this post, and the time to read my forenote! Secondly, "Fate/Fantasy" is an amalgam for various of my interests. If you're a fan of the Fate series, you should notice by now how eyebrow raising the title of this fanfiction is! Within, I have included tidbit scenes from other public sources as well.

    (Chris reminds me so much of Saber! Jinkeys.)

    Rather than plagiarism, please consider this an affectionate tribute to some of the most defining favourites of mine. I do not claim credit for any characters or plot except my word vomit. Thanks! ♡


    Chapter 1: Count to One Hundredth

    Late morning, in a modest-sized but lavishly designed institution ...

    "And since today is the last day of Ketarh for some of you," Principal Alfred glanced at the brunette seated by the window, Deborah, who smiled at him knowingly, "I figured I will just tell you a story!"

    The class groaned in unspoken unison.

    "Professor Al, we're not kids anymore. Can we just skip to the end of the lesson and just go?" A blonde girl with short hair and a bandaged patched on her cheek grumbled.

    "No can do, children," The bearded man shook his head, "I'm afraid this is mandatory. Have you heard of the Midnight Sun?"


    "Once upon a time, there was a woman who was well versed with the arcane arts. However strong she was, she could not cure her daughter of the mysterious ailment that plagued the poor child."

    A purple brow cocked skywards.

    "One year, she was sure that her daughter was dying, and in desperation, went to a powerful mage for help."

    "Wait," he raised up a hand with a wry grin, "I thought you said she was deep into the magic hocus pocus stuff. She went to another person anyway?"

    "Well, apparently the other person was her mentor," his blue haired counterpart chirped.

    "Okay. You may continue," he pecked her cheek and smirked, "-now."

    "So! The mentor said to the mother, that there is but one last resort she could hope for, and that was the Hundredth Year War."

    "Hundred Year War? That's some dispute."

    The girl waved her hands with a giggle, "Nooo. It's hundredth. It happens and ends quickly, but only once every hundred years, when the Midnight Sun appears."

    "Midnight Sun? Sounds like a poetic way to call the moon."

    "Oh, I agree! But this one is special, for it grants wishes."

    "Like a shooting star?" Her partner's eyes narrowed into smiling reds. "Shu-Shu, is this a fairy tale? I thought you told me to prepare for tragedy."

    "Ah, well, it only grants you a summoned aide, per se, to help you in battle."


    "... A ... war?"

    "Yes, to obtain a wish."

    "But, people would kill one another to have a wish granted?" An umber-haired boy frowned.

    "Not necessarily kill one another, Klein. Just eliminate their summons would suffice."

    "The summon is tied to its conjurer, correct? Is it inaccurate of me to hypothesise that killing the conjurer also kills the summon, then?"

    Principal Alfred looked taken aback for a split second, but regained composure almost as quick. "Correct, Isaac."

    The blonde boy in glasses smirked.


    "In the end she emerged as the final victor along with two others."

    "Runner-ups," her partner mused, earning a playful bump on his shoulder.

    "Three wishes. For three people."


    "How does it work?"

    "I'm not sure, Chenny. Unfortunately I never ... well I never won."

    Someone snickered.

    "So you're not the best, professor?"

    The principal grimly smiled. "No, Jenny, that's not it. I couldn't win because ..."


    "She wanted her daughter to be with her forever, so she wished for a cure to all her daughter's deteriorating health. The wish immortalised the girl," Shu-Shu finished quietly, "and now she's cursed to see people die around her."

    Her partner sat in silence for a while before shaking his head with a small laugh, "You sounded so sad one would think you know that duo."

    "I'm good, right?"

    "So how does it all end?"

    "The mother died of old age eventually, since no magic except from the moon stops aging."

    "And the girl?"

    "I heard she appears here and there. Someone claimed to have seen her here in Foose!"

    "Mmm, spooky," he rolled his eyes good-naturedly and pecked his girlfriend's cheek. "Well, lucky girl."



    "... Ah, we're supposed to tell each other tragedies right? Your turn! I'm ready~"

    Her partner remained quiet. Stoic, almost.

    "... Gillan?" She pouted and probed meekly. Her frown turned upside down when he held her hand and spoke slowly.

    "Shu, I'm ill. I think I'm dying."

    Her world turned upside down.


    "... I'm not the worst."


    To be continued.


    That ... was a weird pairing, right? It just came to mind while I was plotting the storyline loosely so I rode the wave. Gillan here is smitten and in a happy relationship; he is also not (yet) bonkers. Isaac is Lord, the game MC. I refuse to use an OC name. I'm really not good with staging chapters so hopefully they get better as we go.


    Confirmed students are Deborah, Jenny, Klein, Isaac/Lord, Chenny. There are other students yet to debut.
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  2. Zellua

    Zellua Active Member

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    Jan 29, 2016
    Shu-Shu and Gillan? Really? XD

    That aside, I look forward to the next chapter!
  3. Anteras

    Anteras New Member

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    Mar 25, 2016
    I know! I was so shocked as well. I kinda went, "Why." But then as I pondered, it made sense with some elements I hoped to include.

    Thanks for the interest. Working on the next instalment. Like right now. :p
  4. Anteras

    Anteras New Member

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    Mar 25, 2016
    Chapter 2: Misunderstandings and Mysteries Make Misery

    "In short, your summon depends heavily on your personal storage of mana. Some were already born with extraordinary amounts of it; usually they are descendents of ancient species who can tap to the mana surrounding them."

    Mas held his chin in a dainty hand, inquisitive. "Like what?"

    "Vampires, werewolves, sylphs-"

    "... Grk," the pink-haired male's face blanched.

    "Did you think we were the only ones who use magic? How silly," the petite mage muttered with an unimpressed tone, "Clearly you don't take up on hunting quests much."


    "Mas, have you decided on taking which errand for your semester assessment?" Klein tried to remind his classmate without wanting to egg him too much, unlike Rage, who publicly called everyone a 'wussy' after he snagged one of the two SS rank quests, the one which required the eye of a mummified undead giant that dwelled in clusters in the Nephtys Dungeon, emerging only on rare days, so it was very time-sensitive.

    The other boy hummed with a frown, "No. Maybe the B rank tasks?"

    B rank quests were relatively simple, where the students were expected to collect or forage materials and ingredients for lessons.

    Klein himself was more inclined to take up an S rank quest, mainly to push his limit a bit further each time. Of course, he wanted the SS rank, but ...

    "I heard Isaac is taking the SS quest!" The oblivious pinkette commented with an airy laugh, "It's so typical of him to be reckless."

    "Yes, he's worrying Shu-Shu quite a bit," red eyes casted down as if in resignation.


    "What do you ... When?" Sapphire eyes blinked away the tears before they could swarm.

    Gillan felt stiff with guilt and disappointment. "A few months ago. I don't even know what it is, really. I've tried all sorts of medicine."

    "Maybe it's just a passing flu or- or a really bad case of something not terminal!" She looked at him, frantic. "You should know better than to self-diagnose yourself!"

    He was a doctor! He helped people get well again! It was just too ironic.

    If he could, the violet-headed man would shrink into himself and just hide away. Because he was mustering all his dignity to admit this much. "This is hypocritical of me, since we both constantly remind patients not to jump to conclusions without confirming. But this time, I can feel it, love. I can tell the end is near. It used to be the bouts of stomach ache, but now my entire insides feel like they are rotting within."

    Decay and death was so close he could almost feel their touch these days.

    Shu-Shu broke down into tears, "What about me? You know I grew up without a dad. My mom. She died, and, I- ..."

    Once, when Gillan had first met his girlfriend, he had thought she was recently orphaned when he looked into her old records and learned that her mom had passed away over two decades ago. His only conclusion in the end was that she must have been a mere child when her only family died.

    Maybe it was a hormonal condition, or a genetic problem, but Shu-Shu couldn't even go past five feet. She seemed perfectly fine with that, and at first he felt like a complete creep to even harbour feelings for her. Eventually though before she could be swept away by someone else, he kicked himself and went for it. She was shy, but the answer was yes, and the rest was history.

    Now he was about to be history, too.

    "I'm sorry," he looked away. "Don't worry. I won't give up."

    He was going to find a cure, no matter what it took, if only to cease her incessant crying. It hurt to see someone hurting for him like this.

    The tiny female startled her partner with a sudden clutch on his hands. With a determined expression, she gritted, "I'll save you." Firm nod.

    Gillan gave a puzzled stare in return.


    "So, we've gone through this a few times over the course of this semester. For those of you who wish to apply back into Ketarh as researchers, medics or teachers, you are welcome.

    If you don't want that lifestyle, we bid you farewell and wishing you the best of luck on your new journey." Alfred took one last, long look at his class of students and inhaled deeply.


    Students exited the classroom and filled the compound in throngs, chattering excitedly amongst themselves.

    The majority of them, as expected, decided that while magic was convenient and many moments thrilling, they sought after a peaceful and safe living.

    Now that Isaac and his classmates were graduating from their last year, they would have to pack up their belongings and leave the boarding house.


    "Come in," Isaac huffed as he stared at the seam of the door, where a faint shadow can be seen blinking every now and then on the floor. "Or do you prefer to stand at the door all day? Because I really don't care either way, but don't get in my way when I'm done."

    The blonde young man heard a telltale knock on the door, slow and hesitant. He rolled his eyes at the unnecessary gesture.

    "Um, hello," Klein left a hand on the knob and peered in.

    "What do you want?"

    Isaac and Klein never got on well since forever. While Klein was praised as an obedient and nice guy, what were his winning charms were what Isaac despised about him.

    On the other hand, Isaac's determination to prove his theories - which often drove people away in fear and frustration - fascinated the quieter male. To be so sure of oneself like that, Klein envied the person everyone in secret dubbed 'Lab Demon'.

    "I just wanted to say goodbye before you leave."

    "Happy to see me gone?"

    "Why would I be?" He wrinkled his nose in confusion. "I have enjoyed attending school with you.

    Isaac snorted and shoved a red singlet into his suitcase. Klein looked at the display in mild disgust, as he was comparably anal about order and neatness.

    "Save the sweet talk for your fangirls. You gross me out with your nauseating goody two shoes act. They don't know your performance because they are fools. But you're not going to dupe me as well."

    Long ago, when Isaac was returning to the classroom to fetch his notebook with his research data, he overheard a private conversation between Klein and Deborah.

    They were listing out his shortcomings. Deborah, he could understand. But he felt just a pinch of betrayal to hear that Klein didn't deny anything the green-eyed brunette said.

    And just when he was starting to like the space mage's presence, too.



    Oh goodness, I'm falling asleep now. I think I'll just leave it here. Writing on mobile is draining-er than I thought!
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  5. Anteras

    Anteras New Member

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    Mar 25, 2016
    Chapter 3: So Gary Without The R

    "I don't get it, Debbie. Why does he hate me so much?"

    Klein and Deborah were hanging out in his room. Earlier, the female mage was passing out farewell cards to all the final year students (which Principal Alfred wanted to give, but didn't want to display any tearful expressions to his students).

    When she knocked on Klein's door and he opened it with the face of a man three times widowed, the brunette figured a short break was necessary.

    "Don't take it to heart, dear." She lazily drawled as she sat on Klein's roommate's bed. It was clear of any personal belongings on her side of the room. "Is it really fine for me to stay here? You may be having thoughts of leading a life outside Tezen, but I plan to teach here. It's insinuating for a lady like me to be alone with you."

    She was adamant on staying away from being gossip fodder, especially since Klein shared with her his 'struggle' about Isaac's passionate distaste towards him. For all the book smart that the space mage was, Deborah was about half amused (and two thirds dismayed) to learn that he was severely lacking in the self-esteem department, or grasping what a crush is.

    "Oh, it's fine," Klein sulked while refolding his handkerchief for the fifth time. Half, thirds, slot into the sides of his luggage bag. "JJ went back to Foose."

    JJ. Jack Junior. Obviously named after his father, who enlisted as a soldier and never made it home. Her heart went out for that poor guy. She also felt bad he had to put up with Klein and his repetitive soliloquies about a certain blonde. Quite a few people had to, in fact.

    Regardless of how many times they told him to just "spit it and spray it" to Isaac how he feels about their toxic exchanges, the umber-haired boy would vehemently reject the idea because it was "so confrontational".

    "Honestly, Klein. You might never see him again after this, so there's no harm in spilling your angst all over Lab Demon. He may be crazy, but even he would think twice before incinerating you on the spot."

    Surely he didn't hate Klein that much.


    "I will incinerate you on the spot if you don't move out of the way."

    Blue eyes smoldered with barely withheld irritation were burning an image in Klein's frazzled mind.

    "Isaac, I," he sputtered, "Why do you think I'm p-pretentious?"

    The blonde's face contorted into a look of disbelief. With a little adjustment of his round frames so it didn't pinch at his nose bridge, he growled out a harsh, "Really?"

    The other boy recoiled in hurt so obviously he felt the need to keep his temper in check. With a mouthful of air breathed in, he went on a roll.

    "You don't like creases so it pains you to lend your notes to other students, but you do it anyway when they beg you for it with a pathetic whine. With a fake smile on no less!

    The whole class talked about how the shadow pixies were a bitch to deal with in every quest because of their naughty nature. But I can tell you were fascinated with them! You like their impishness but you don't admit it. Instead you ride the bandwagon like every other drone in class with that damn graceful smile on that really grinds my gears.

    And, you call yourself my friend when really you fear me like everyone else.

    And you hate peas so it's beyond me why you would shove something you don't like down your throat just because it looks bad for the goody twe shoes to be picky about his food. Nobody gives a crap about your diet-"

    "I don't fear you!"

    "Then why the hell are you covering your mouth like you're about to scream and stumbling away?!"

    "You said I'm in your way ..." Klein whispered, almost inaudible due to his hand that remained frozen on the lower half of his face.

    "I don't believe this," Isaac hissed in exasperation. "Neither do I have time for this. Goodbye, Klein."

    The incensed mage lugged his suitcase out and left the door open, leaving the other male to stare out in a daze with a pink face, warm from what he believed to be humiliation.


    "What an ass. He dumped you just like that?"

    Deborah clicked her tongue in disapproval before plopping in a grape into her mouth.

    Rage sat beside her, his arm over the back of Deborah's chair, sipping on his cup of iced espresso. They were in the campus food court. A few juniors milled past them and giggled when they stole a glance at the redhaired boy, who flashed a million dollar smirk at them.

    Klein deflated like a balloon in defeat.

    "Oi, don't let him get to you. He's probably just jealous you're well liked, and, I don't know, aware of social behaviour around normal people?"

    "I don't think so," pepped Deborah. "He's upset that you are a pushover, and too conscious about how you appear to people around you."

    "Yeah, why does he care what Klein agonise about? I. I. R. C. He doesn't give two dips about anyone."

    Too immersed in his frustration, Klein covered his face with both hands, which was no longer blushing anymore (finally).

    "I wonder," Deborah's green eyes sparkled with mischief.



    Blu-blu-bluuurgh. It's progressing so slooowlyyy. I want to write about all the fights and strategies already, but it's essential that I lay down the initial personality of Klein here since he will be going through a gruesome character development that plays a part in the storyline.

    Feel free to discuss about characters with me as written. If you're confused with anything, it means I didn't execute their portrayals adequately. Mechanisms of the Midnight Sun ritual up next.
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  6. Anteras

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    Mar 25, 2016
    Chapter 4: The Road To Hell Was Paved With Good Intentions

    "I'm going to study in my lab," Gillan exclaimed over his shoulder, donning on his white coat.

    His girlfriend peeked over the ledge of the bedroom door and perked a sweet smile. "I'll be studying a bit too in here. Dinner should be ready a wee bit later than usual, okay?"

    "Sure," he returned the smile and waved. "Bye bye."

    "Bye bye. ♡"


    "How is the specimen?"

    "Good. As expected. We were met with some resistance, but those who put up a feisty attitude were, well. You know me."

    The doctor cringed and threw his aide a side glare, "Can I still use them?"

    "Absolutely! Living subjects are still useful even without a hand or two. Unless you need those extremities," the assistant hummed with a finger under her chin. "We'll just have to do a second round of grocery shopping in another village."

    "No," Gillan rinsed his hands under the faucet, watching the surgery going on downstairs through the observation window. He looked up to see another pair of red eyes reflected on the glass. "I said we're keeping the project small-scaled. If this spreads out-"

    "I know, I know. Stop preaching the same verse already, little brother! You're afraid of that midget of a nurse finding out. I don't see the problem, to be frank." She exhaled sharply with ire rolling off in waves. "It's not like people don't die in hospitals."

    "But you're not frank, you're Hella."

    She smirked at her brother who had on the same expression.


    At the stroke of midnight on the final night of every hundred years, the Midnight Sun will appear on the sky.

    To summon a servant, one must prepare the ritual and illustrate the summoning circle with salt and gold powder.

    The servant that shall heed your call depends heavily on the summoner's mana pool, and object of focus in mind.

    It is possible to conjure more than one servant. The condition relies on the remaining deposited mana within the contractor.

    When the final three contractors have defeated other summons, the Ancient Spirit will appear to grant both contractor and servant a wish.


    "Baby sister, there you are," a tanned woman with a purple bob and brilliant smile flounced into the library, where, nestled in the center of the castle of books, lied a small, flaxen-haired child.

    "Hn? ... Oh, it is time," the tanned woman's lips were pursed in apprehension as she caught sight of the scroll that was starting to tear at the edges, the paper aging but the words stark and bold in contrast. "I suppose it is time we visit Azrael soon."

    The blonde child remained asleep.



    Alfred looked up from the petition Nirvana begrudgingly passed him an hour ago. Apparently the children found it inappropriate to be taught by a peer "of the same age".

    The short man was livid and ranted to his employer about his wife, again. It wasn't until he left a moment before Shu-Shu knocked on his door that he could take a look at the list of protestants' names. Speaking of which ...

    "Principal, can we talk?"

    "Why of course. Is this about the students? I swear if this is about Aran getting into another brawl ..."

    "Ah, no. I haven't seen Aran lately. He doesn't like the cold so he stays in his room most of the time during this season. This isn't about the students, though."

    "Is it about the teachers then?" Alfred felt his blood curdle in worry. "Has Nirvana ...?"


    "... nevermind," he hurriedly waved it off. "So what do you wish to speak of then, Shu-Shu?"

    Shu-Shu worked in the Tezen General Hospital during her weekdays, but occasionally she dropped by Ketarh Academy when she wanted to check on the children.

    For as long as Alfred could remember, the bluenette had a tender spot for young boys and girls. She had said they reminded her of herself when her mother was barely around. As a child, she often cooped up alone.

    "Um, I've come to ask a few questions. Have you heard of the Hundredth Year War?"

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  7. Anteras

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    Mar 25, 2016
    Chapter 5: All The Rage

    "So what did you want to talk about?"

    Rage seated next to his date - girlfriend, but he never explicitly called her that so far - and folded his hands, leaning in towards her.

    She was a pretty girl - strawberry blonde hair with violet eyes - Deborah introduced to him about a month ago. They shared accuracy class together, and she was gushing to his green-eyed friend how cool hi shooting stance was, so the brunette decided to hook them up together.

    "Julia?" He looked at her in surprise when she held both his hands in hers gently, a smile so upturned her eyes narrowed.

    Was she going to tell him something big? Oh god, he liked her, sure, but he wasn't ready for the big L yet-

    "Rage, I ... I love-"

    "Whoa! Hold up," he shook out from his reverie and jerked back purely in instinct. "I've never had this said to my face before in my life so I'm a bit nervous right now."

    "It's okay, anyone would be," Julia sadly retreated from him and held onto her mug of tea for support. "I'm sorry for being selfish."

    "What? No," the redhaired male rested a palm tentatively on the girl's upper back, patting awkwardly. "If anything, I'm the selfish one."

    "I need to tell you still, Rage," her violet eyes teared up.

    He debated for a long time before nodding. Finally, the gunner resigned to Fate and smiled tightly, "Alright. Let's do this."

    It felt like he was about to jump into a lake. A little nervous, scared, and very much excited.

    Julia studied his face for any hint at what her date could be feeling before biting the bullet, "I love Klein."




    "What the hell is wrong with you? Aren't you a doctor?" A man strapped onto a bed placed perpendicularly to the grey floor struggled against the restraints to no avail. Next to him were several other captives, most of them reduced to tears.

    The room was a horrid white. A colour so innocent that clashed too much with the atmosphere and dirty deeds proceeding inside. There was no other objects around except for a long, narrow metallic trolley assorted with a plethora of surgical tools.

    Gillan flicked at the syringe in his hand to expel possible bubbles of air and squirted the surplus millimetre of dosage out before turning to his subjects.

    Upon the sight of the strange amethyst coloured liquid - with swirling wisps of green - the agitated man flinched. "What ... what is that?"

    The doctor stayed silent. He paced towards him and, after applying a thin film of alcohol using a disposable swab, began searching for pulse.

    The man fought like a vicious animal to be freed, kicking as hard as he could, but the straitjacket and cuffs holding his ankles were indestructible. He tried biting, but the sides of his head were two protruding blades with the edges facing both cheeks.

    Without batting an eye, the assailant struck the needle into the crook of his neck, initiating a string of torturous screams.

    The others looked on in stupor and terror.
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