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[GUIDE DIRECTORY] Links to helpful guides

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Geraldo, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Dec 19, 2015
    Looking for something specific? You've come to the right place!
    Below is the directory of guides available for reading or watching (scroll to bottom).

    I will try my best to constantly improve the directory to make sure that each and every guide is given its due course! Be sure to check it out once in a while for updates!

    General Mechanics (Basics, Crystals, Equipment, and Mercenary):
    Newbie Guide Version 2 - An updated, encompassing guide (credits of first version to cMYui) for those looking for definitions, suggestions, and tips about hero stats, rebirth, recruitment, crystal usage, equipment, modification items, potentials, skills, party formation, expedition, and more!
    F2P Crystal Spending - Playing for free and want solid suggestions on how to spend that precious crystal currency?
    Item Sets - Full details and suggestions on which sets to place in your team.
    Mercenary Guide - Some tricks in making full use of your mercenary. The lifesaver and SS helper.
    SS Guide - Having trouble getting that SS? Let these guys help you. Feel free to join in the conversation!
    Status Ailments Directory - Wondering what drain or weakening does to your target? Check out this status directory.
    Experience Until Next Levelup Chart - A compilation of different experience charts for slow, normal, and fast growing heroes. Good reference when sending your near level up heroes on expeditions.
    Equipment Modifications List - A list of available equipment modifications. Remember you can only have one per type in an equipment. There's also an oc spreadsheet at the bottom.
    GPE/XPE Chart - An updated tabulation of gold per energy and experience per energy for different maps.
    Story Chart and Rewards List - A listing of rewards available for the main storyline.

    Hero and Lord Specifics:
    Cooperation List - Planning to maximize cooperation damage in your dream team? Take a look at this reference for your convenience.
    Hero Spreadsheet - A link to a full scale page about hero stats, mp regen, their comparison, and which is the best for each category. Find your ideal hero here.
    Skills spreadsheet - The ultimate skill database with minimum and maximum values indicated c/o Vanyel.
    Skills gene cost - A tabulation of gene cost for all currently available heroes. (Needs some update)
    Lord Gauge and Strategy Counters - Know how to fill the lord gauge faster by using strategy counters and how to position heroes to maximize damage to enemies.
    Idle Heroes Gene Allotment - You thought he was useless? Wait until you get stuck at some ToD level! Start collecting during 2x gene events and allot those precious genes properly.
    How Potentials Affect Stats - A mathematical explanation of potentials and stats.
    Hero Review: Muang - A comprehensive review about the flamethrower.
    Hero Review: Fruel - A comprehensive review about the fine elf.

    Specialized Areas (Boss Dungeons, Events, Battle):
    Boss Maps - An xls graphic representation of most boss maps available.
    Boss Guide: Cleo - Too sexy for you to take down? Fret no more. With these tips, you're bound to avoid her charms at all costs. Also includes a video guide for other modes.
    Boss Guide: Moa - This little cutee giving you hard time? Know which path to take so you can take him down at full force.
    LI: Boss Guide: Muang - Don't have enough fire power to go all out? This is a guide for low leveled(3S) first timers in Muang's dungeon. Muang's skills
    LI: Boss Guide: Chenny - A collection of different approaches to pawn the loli! Either be aggressive, take on two chennys, or take the less aggro one on one style.
    LI: Boss Guide: Nirvana - A collection of suggestions, positioning and hero set-ups to reach the water walker.
    Basics of Battle of Honor - About to start your PVP journey? Know what to expect in battle of honor and learn a few tips in this guide.
    PVP Hero - Going up against rank 1? You might want some advice. Contains links to a compilation of tier lists evolving throughout time.
    Boost Schedule - Watch out for that 2x Gene and Exp event! Know which days are alloted for which islands.
    Dimensional Breakthrough:
    Tactic 1 - involves luck and Sonic's 3rd skill at max
    Tactic 2 - involves dungeon grinding, at least 6 heroes per level, and Lord skill Hellfire at max
    Compiled Strats - DB in your daily grind.

    Video Guides:
    Battle of Honor Tips by Vahnmanx
    Boss Guide: Raboff by Shalltear
    Coocoo Dungeon Skill Guide by Vahnmanx
    Crystal Usage Suggestion by Vahnmanx
    Equipment Suggestion by Vahnmanx
    General guide for dimensional breakthrough by Vahnmanx
    General guide for equipment options by Vahnmanx
    General tips by Vahnmanx
    Game tricks by Vahnmanx
    Gene Farming Suggestion by Vahnmanx
    Lost Island Chenny by derschloss and Grimnoir
    Storyline Walkthrough by greatxam (ongoing)

    Nexon Support:
    Ingame ticket or http://goo.gl/SCq51c
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