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How to become popular? Part 2

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ForgottenOne, May 5, 2016.

Part 3?

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  1. ForgottenOne

    ForgottenOne Member

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    Mar 31, 2016
    Previously, on "How to become popular?": Rage got his hands on a love potion provided by Gillan and he used it on Shu Shu, and the result seems to be that it worked! Now what will Rage do? Will he have his harem and gone sexual? Or will he gone wrong and face his end?...

    (playing the show's openning)

    As much as Rage wanted to go on a date with a girl, he thought to himself: "Shu Shu is great and all, but now that I have got my hands on this potion, I can make anyone mine..." Then he answered Shu Shu: "I will go on a date with you, but you have to take this potion and give it to anyone, i mean any girl you see. Deal?" As Shu Shu is brainwashed by the potion, she agreed to Rage's offer.
    At the same time, somewhere near Rage and Shu Shu's location, behind a small tree, Bearman was hiding there (totally not stalking Shu Shu) although he can hardly hid his gigantic body behind it. Bearman witnessed the whole conversation between Rage and Shu Shu. Because he isnt very smart, Bearman thought that Shu Shu has fallen in love with Rage. And his heart was broken...
    One hour later, Cleo walk by and as she saw Bearman crying, she tried to comfort Bearman as he was in the same club as her (99% sure that is not PedoClub) and ask him the reason. Bearman answered: "Shu Shu... got taken away by... Rage". Cleo was shocked as well, but she was still conscious enough to think to herself: "Something is off. Shu Shu, no..., noone will ever fall in love with Rage (rip Rage's popularity)" She decided to tell Lee about this as Lee is now the president of FWT world thanks to his campaign: "Make FWT great again". Will things escalated quickly like Ron Burgundy once said? Find out in the next episode.

    Side notes: Thanks you all for the support for part 1 and sorry that it took me so long to write part 2 as i was very busy at this time of the year. Btw Lee's campaign motto is from CreakySiren. I will write part 3 soon as it's almost summer vacation now.
  2. CreakySiren

    CreakySiren Active Member

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    Mar 8, 2016
    Huh, feels nice to be a part of a fanfic. Other than that, great stuff, make part 3 :3

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