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I'm Right Here (ONE SHOT)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Feya, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Feya

    Feya New Member

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    Feb 19, 2016
    ((Based of the fan theory that Ian is Jin's little brother. I really think this is adorable. I came up with this on the fly and it took me like 30 minutes to write. Anything you see in Italics is Lan, speaking though Ian, even though Jin Can't hear her brother, I hope you enjoy))


    Nightfall soon fell upon the land of Girgas and the golden moon illuminated the night . A blanket of navy cascaded across the sky, while the tiny stars danced like diamonds twinkling high above. Tiredness had began to sink in, so the group had decided to set up camp for the night under one of the many cliff side’s that this continent had to offer. After a good warm meal and a good conversation, it was time to be settling down for the night. A goodnight’s rest was something everyone at this point needed. The day had been long, countless battles, the injuries obtained, thankfully none that called for a desperate emergency. However, that’s the thing, battling all the time does take a toll on ones body.

    A soft tune was heard in the carrying night breeze, as a short, pink haired Bard was whimsicality playing a song. For once his music sounded quiet peaceful and it rhymed with the crackling of the dancing flames that was keeping everyone warm. After a few minutes, the kind soul stopped his music and looked down at a small cat that was curled up beside her master, just simply purring.

    “Time for sleep now” Mas whispered, petting is small friend before lying down and closing his eyes, almost instantly falling asleep.

    Sitting across the ways was a young women whose hair was colored green and whose eyes were also green. She was watching the fire, watching how the flames just danced the night away. She seemed to be deep in thought.

    “You should head to bed too, Jin”

    She blinked once and then looked up, her concentration broken as the Lord stepped up to her. She gave a small nod.

    “Um right..” She whispered, almost, as if she wasn’t there.

    “You look like you need it, I mean it we continue our conquest at morning’s rise” Responded the blue eyed man, as he walked away before lying down. He pushed a few strands of his blonde like hair out of his face before throwing over his white coat to use as a blanket.

    Jin watched this and then sighed softly. He was right, morning comes quickly most days now. Lord was kind, sure he could be quite rude and uncaring at times, but he did care. His tone was only his way of showing that he was looking out for everyone. Sighing once more, the green haired women looked around and saw that everyone else was asleep. She suddenly felt alone. How could she sleep? Not after what she learned today. Her little brother she had been looking for, gone...dead, used as an experiment and labeled a failed one! It pained her inside to think on this, to think on what he had gone though.

    “Oh Lan...” She whispered softly, a single, grey, tear from her eye fell and rolled down her cheek.

    “Jin...is everything alright?” said a soft, friendly voice.

    She looked up and infront of her stood Ian, the human-tongued, grey furred cat with the brown eyes. He had sensed her sadness and wanted to see if she was alright. He didn’t know why he seemed to care about her so much, maybe call it cat instincts. What ever it was, he was simply drawn to her, out of everyone, Jin seemed to be the one he was drawn to the most.

    “Oh..yeah I’m fine..” She said turning away from him, looking down as she pulled her legs to her chest and wrapped her arms around them.

    “Something’s wrong...I can sense it” Replied the cat, walking towards Jin and sitting beside her.

    “It’s nothing...” Jin’s voice was sad, and she wasn’t doing a good job of hiding it.

    Ian just watched her for a moment, her sadness, why did it hurt him? He felt the urge to just comfort her, to reach out for her. It was as if, on a whole new level, he knew her more than he figured he did. The cat just looked up at her, letting out a soft meow, as he subconsciously tried to get her attention. Which seemed to work, as Jin glanced down at him and let out a soft chuckle. The chuckle made Ian’s ear’s twitch, as if he had heard it before. A distant memory was beginning to come back to him, but it was different.

    “I miss Lan...” Jin finally spoke up, snapping Ian back to reality.

    “Lan? I’m right here, You mean your brother?” He asked looking at her.

    “Thats correct. It’s been age’s since I last saw him. Saw me? I’v been here all along!” Jin looked down again. “We use to always have these crazy adventures. I remember those. Like this one time, we ran down the river and we raced and I won and I pushed you in, and Lan pushed me in!” She began to chuckle, trying to hold back tears. “Or this one time I really wanted to go riding on this horse but I didn’t want you to go, and my brother didnt want me to go so I sneaked away anyway and I remember telling mother on you, and then our mother found out and I got in so much trouble...!” She exclaimed, almost laughing now, tears flowing from her eyes as her memories brought back the sadness and pain that Lan was no longer in the land of the living.

    “Yeah sorry about that..” Ian whispered under his breath.

    “huh? What was that?” Jin said, confused as she looked at the cat.

    “uhh nothing I swear!” Said Ian startled, “The important thing to remember is that you have these memories of your brother, so hes never far away. Ian stretched his paw up and placed it on her heart. “Hes right here” he said with a warm smile.

    Jin smiled and then nodded, giving him a hug as she looked at him. Ian just gave a relaxing smile and then, subconsciously, he laid himself on her lap and curled up, closing his eyes. Jin smiled at this and lay back against a rock. “I’m always here for you”

    “Thank you Ian”

    “You’re welcome Jin My sister

    The two then fell into a peaceful slumber.
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  2. saintcharity

    saintcharity Deputy Troll

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    Dec 30, 2015
    This is nice...please do some more :D
  3. CreakySiren

    CreakySiren Active Member

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    Mar 8, 2016
  4. Zellua

    Zellua Active Member

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    Jan 29, 2016
    Whoa this is nice, I'd like to see more fics in the future!

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