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Modern vs Ancient guns(A Jenny v. Rage story)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Robotink, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Robotink

    Robotink New Member

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    Feb 3, 2016
    <Rage's POV>
    Using these two guns are so much fun since with 2 guns you have more firepower. I came around to the island of Company seeing how there's supposedly this one Legendary Woman Gunman named Jenny. I looked around to find this "Ancient" Gunwoman and founded nobody. I eventually came across a harp musician known as Mas and asked her where Jenny was. Mas notified me that she was in fact a he and pointed me towards those two mountains.He asked me before I went if he wanted to hear the music on the harp and I was hesitant but I told him he can. Mas played the harp and the sounds from it were so bad that it almost drained the hearing out of me, I told him it was alright and I left off. I went over to where Mas told me earlier and there was a small town with full of people that you see during the wild west age. I decided to hit up towards a local bar and asked the bartender where I can find this "Jenny". He pointed me towards an residency area that's barely out of the town limits. I went over there and I saw then a cowgirl with the biggest gun out there. I went towards that cowgirl and asked her if she was Jenny, she said she was and so I challenged her to a shooting target contest (I wanted to prove that modern dual guns are better than ancient guns like hers). She gladly accepted and we each had one try, I went first and I shot over 94 targets within the timespan of 1 minute. She went up after me and she tried doing something that I didn't even bother trying; she used dynamite with her one gun and it blew away almost double the amount of targets that I had. I was in shock and thought how did she do that within the span of one minute? She told me as I was coming over, she was in the middle of her dynamite training. Then she gave me advice about how you can improve as a gunsman even with the modern dual weapon that I use. I gave her my thanks and I left back to my home where to this day, i'm still training with my dual guns. With each day coming by, it felt as though my agility and damage always increases and I kept on going. I'm never gonna forget about that legendary gunswoman, Jenny.
    <Jenny's POV>
    Ever since I was a youngin, I was holding this weapon all my life. Ever since then, I've been practicing with my accuracy and firepower to this day. One day, I was doing my dynamite explosion training practice until this unknown gunman came to me and challenged me to a shooting target contest. He said his name was Rage and at first I questioned why he would be named after an emotion but I didn't bother asking him. We started the contest with him being the first up. Each of us did about 1 minute of target shooting, he had 94 targets shot within that short time span. I was amazed at what he did but I didn't want my training to go towards any waste so when it was my time, I used my dynamite explosion method and within a minute blew away nearly double his target shots. He was actually shocked how I was able to get more than double his shots by doing my method. I told him that 2 guns doesn't always get you that far you know, you always gotta improvise by using outside material such as dynamite. He understood but he wanted to keep on using his 2 guns so I told him to keep using skills that are based off your weapons. He went off into the distant sun and I felt as though I had inspired a new generation of gunmen to use their newer weapons into something that can deal more massive damage.
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