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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Vexx, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. Vexx

    Vexx The Destroyer of Fun

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    Nov 16, 2015
    • Due to the increasing number of members and influx of spam bots, the moderators have reached a concensus to re-write the forum guidelines to rationalize deletion of some members.
      Please be advised and oriented with the new guidelines. Any questions should be posted here now to be answered for clarifications.
      We shall start imposing such rules and warnings by mid-March onwards, which will be enough time to let everyone get oriented and have a fair share of reading this. We shall inform everyone again when it will be fully implemented. Thank you very much!

      Welcome to the FWT Fansite Forum!
      The following are rules and regulations when posting any forum content and/or engaging in chat.
      Please be informed that ignorance of the following is NOT an excuse.

      1. Code of Conduct
      Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. The following actions will be prohibited from the Fantasy War Tactics Forums:
      • Using inappropriate language including sexually explicit, violent as well as offensive content against another. This includes but not limited to: derogatory name calling (idiot, stupid, moron, noob), swearing, or offensive role play (jump off a bridge, go shoot yourself, Ill kill you). Avoid trolling as new members are bound to be misguided.
      • No discussion about third party programs or hack related software.
      • Showing a lack of respect and tolerance towards any forums members. This includes but not limited to comments such as asking players if they are blind or stupid, blatantly saying that another is useless or completely wrong, and posting contents which are unsuited for minority members without appropriate warning.
      • Attacking forum members personally based on sex, religion, racial or political beliefs or any offensive reasons.
      • “Doxxing” or threatening to reveal personal details of other users. You are not to reveal another's personal information except for the general data that is visible to everyone.
      • Posting malware/phishing websites and other content that is strictly harmful (viruses and spam).
      • Your username is subject to moderation (to be edited) if it is offenisve (even if it only sounds like it), sexual or relating to lewd content of any nature (including names or references to organs used for such purposes), or culturally biased. Please be advised that we are trying to make a wholesome forum for people of all ags and cultures.
      • 1 account per user allowed - all your accounts may be banned permanently without warning if we find out you are using more than one account
    • 2. Netiquette
      2.1 Thread title

      Thread title should be informative and representative of its contents.
      *You are advised to be specific as to what you are talking about in the thread. Avoid general headings or topics if it is not meant to be as such. This would help for future searches and avoidance of double posting of threads.*
      Examples of Good Thread Titles:
      - [Poll] Which heroes to use Blue Genes for?
      - Question Re: Serendi's Healing Over Time Skill
      - Where to find Modification Stones?
      - Need advice for building my PVP team
      - What potentials to roll for Moa?
      - What to do with 'materials'?

      2.2 Choice of subforum
      Post your thread in the relevant subforum.
      Ask yourself "if I were looking for this topic, is this the first place I would try to find it?".
      These are the available subforums for members:
      Introduction - Introducing yourself. Meet and greet new forumers.
      Friend Requests - Post your IGN based on the server, if you are looking for friends.
      News and Announcements - Latest and official news regarding FWT/forums (mostly handled by the staff)
      General - Anything else which do not fit in other threads.
      Heroes and Equipment - All about heroes and equipment.
      Team Help - When needing to ask advice for team building.
      Dungeons and Events - World Conquest stages and ongoing events discussion.
      Tower of Dawn - All about tower of dawn.
      Guides - All comprehensive guides here.
      Guilds - Everything about guilds and recruitment.
      The Lounge - Anything except about FWT.
      Fanart - Fan art of any kind about FWT.
      Fan fiction - Stories made by fans about FWT.

      2.3 Pointless & off-topic replies
      Discuss the topic as defined in the original post. Do not enroach on another's by posting unrelated questions, ideas, or thoughts or branching off in a new topic.
      The following examples count as pointless posts:
      - TL DR (too long, didn't read)
      - First! Second!...
      - Maybe, Dunno, No idea, Don't care, What??? (And posts which portay that you have no relevant information to share or have no stand on an issue being asked)
      - You suck! Lol, Noob! (And other irrelevant comments which may also be regarded as offensive or lack of respect for other forumers)
      - Posting screenshots which in no way will help the progression or answer to the topic being discussed (there is a screenshot thread under General Thread if you just want to share your achievements or interesting experiences)
      - Asking for data which no one except the developers would know about (these posts will be subject to deliberation if will be deleted)
      - Relating experiences about FWT but is unrelated in content for the original thread and its title.
      -Threads and Status to push your forum stats will be deleted (if you make it too obvious)

      2.4 No ads
      The Fantasy War Tactics Fansite Forum is not an ad space/fundraiser.
      Posts intending to sell a product or service will be deleted.
      Multiple infractions in a short period will be considered spamming and subject to temporary or permanent bans. If you want to do a give-away, contact a moderator to ask permission first.
      In general, if it benefits the community, we don't mind - if it only benefits you, we do.

      3. Search similar threads before posting or creating a new discussion
      New joiners are strongly advised to use the search function before starting a new discussion. Other members may have already shared about the specific subject or addressed the question you are about to ask. If you post a thread that is very similar to ones already posted, it may get merged or closed by the moderation team.

      4. Writing guidelines
      Thread content should be clear and concise. Some specific threads have their own writing rules so please be guided accordingly.
      Posting of insignificant information which will have no use or bearing for everyone (except under certain subforums such as The Lounge) may be considered as SPAM and subject for deletion.
      Also, the Fantasy War Tactics Fansite Forum is an English speaking community in general. Members are asked to post only in English. If you need to post in another language, you must include a translation of it in English.
      Also, do not double post, unless there is a need to bump your thread or your word count exceeded the allowed limit. (Double posting refers to having answered a thread and replying again on the same thread without anyone else replying in between your own posts.) Kindly edit your older post instead.

      5. Editing / Closing / Deleting Threads
      The moderation team reserves the right to edit, merge, close or delete any thread in case a post breaks any guidelines.
      You will receive a notification explaining the reason why a thread has been modified or closed.
      Answered threads and passe data due to most recent updates may be closed without further need of explanation.
      If you are unhappy with decisions made by moderators, firstly seek out the moderator responsible for an explanation. If that discussion is not fruitful, refer to the administrator @NeoCHI . NeoCHI's decision will be final.

      Your first violation will be dealt with a verbal and/or private message reminder.
      After the first violation, 1 warning point per violation will be given.
      The significance of these warnings is to alert you that you have broken the rules and is advised to change your attitude or be more mindful of what you post.
      You are still allowed to post after being warned (unless you have reached the suspension or ban limit).

      Each warning after the initial reprimand will be equal to 1 point.
      Points are erased after 2 months.

      Note that getting 3 points will warrant a 1 week ban. There will be a note on your account of a first offense. All points are removed after and 1st offence is written on your profile.
      Another 3 points will result to a 1 month ban. All points are removed and 2nd offence is noted on your profile.
      As a last warning, another 3 points will result to a permanent ban.
      Its 9 points to a permanent ban system but points expire in 2 months OR accumulating a third offence. Please be reminded that offences never expire.
      Forumers who have a NO ADs Violation in their first 5 posts will be automatically banned without warning.

      Thank you very much for your time and cooperation!
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