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Newbie Guide (UPDATED) Version 2.2 (with FAQs)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Pillowaddict, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Nov 24, 2015
    Brief reminder: the following are definitions, FAQs, advice and suggestions which can help and answer probably most questions a new player has to progress in the story faster. Later on, feel free to try your own tactics to further improve and personalize your gameplay.
    ***I'm also assuming you've run through the basic tutorials so you can grasp what I'm talking about here. This is a heavy read but if you're just starting or not, you might want to look at the tips and FAQ in spoiler tabs.

    Table of Contents
    I. Basics which You Need to Know
    II. Daily Achievements
    III. At Certain Hour Checks
    IV. Crystal Usage Suggestions
    V. Expedition
    VI. Genetic [Lab] Analyzer
    VII. Character Status Definitions
    VIII. Attack Vs Damage
    IX. Hero Skills
    X. Hero Potentials
    XI. Hero Synthesis
    XII. Hero Rebirth
    XIII. Recruitment Hero Information
    XIV. Lord Skills and Mastery Points
    XV. Equipment and Enhancement Matters
    XVI. Special Dungeons (Nephthys and Lost Island)
    XVII. Party Formation and Hero Icons
    XVIII. Coocoo's Gift/Newbie Pack
    XIX. Tower of Dawn and Coocoo Chests

    -From this point on, you may use the FIND function to the area you want to read-

    I. Basics which You Need to Know
    -Several game functions can be unlocked with progression in the main story. The most important would be rushing through the dungeons until you get to Region 3 - 4 (in Company). This would allow you to place the fifth character in the party.
    -Game content with the lock icon, can be clicked to find out how to unlock such features
    -Know your enemies. Before starting a dungeon, you may click the magnifying glass to study the enemies which you will face inside that level. During a run, you may do a long-click of the enemy to look at their stats. Make use of this function to analyze them and understand what they do. Review their skills as some already have clues written on how you can defeat them easily. For bosses, look at their [Immunity]-located at the lower right hand of the enemy screen stat. Click view details to expand the list.
    -The game follows the advantage system: Paper is stronger than Rock. Rock is stronger than Scissors. Scissors is stronger than Paper. As such Paper>Rock>Scissors>Paper...etc...
    -Strategy counts in this game: Terrain, Direction, and Advantage strategy increases your damage.
    1. How to get Pirate Chris/Ian, Christmas, Valentines, and other limited edition costumes? Unfortunately, if you missed the event, there is no way to receive or buy them at the moment.
    2. Do I need to get SS Rank for all levels? YES, in the long run, for the Sione achievement reward. But, at game start, don't bother to SS them if you can't. Game progression is more important than being a perfectionist.
    3. I can't finish a level, what to do? Change the hero team to fit the advantage of the enemies, retry previous levels to grind for exp, level up your heroes using coocoo cards, upgrade your equipment, get heroes accessories, fix your potentials and equipment options to make sure they are synergistic. The end point is, do not get stale at retrying a level. Coming back at it when you are stronger will save time, energy, and effort.
    -Crystals are the real money currency of the game.
    -Unlock [Expedition] at least to level 4 as soon as possible to level up several heroes while you are away.

    II. Daily Achievements (arranged by difficulty in acquiring)
    -Daily [Achievements] can be checked on the left panel. These are actions which you need to complete in order to receive the rewards:
    1. Is it important to do everything every day? As much as possible, YES. These net you free 40 crystals a day and adds to your achievement score which will later give you more crystal rewards.
    -Send Friendship points to 10 friends - in [Friends] tab, click the upper right button (3 green hearts).
    1. How do you increase maximum capacity of friends? In the [Friends] tab, click on the [+] button beside the maximum number to add 5 friend slots. It will increase in crystal cost by 5 per addition of 5 friend slots.
    2. How many friends should I have? Add as many mercenary friends you deem necessary, based on how many times you grind/play dungeons a day for friendship points. Some will do with 20, while others can go up to 80-100.
    3. What and how to use friendship points (FP)? FP are social currency in the game which can be obtained by using mercenaries and receiving FP from friends who use your mercenary. They can be used to play the Red Capsule under [Shop] which gives random equipment, mana, gold, coocoo exp cards, modification stones, or energy.
    4. Where do I get the FP from friends? They are located in your mail. Check the upper right hand corner. Take note of the 10 page limit. Past this, you will not be able to receive anymore FP.
    -Under [Friends] tab, there are 3 headings: [My Friend], [Search], and [Make Friends].
    -[My Friend] indicates your current friends. This tab says both party (you and random guy) have accepted a friend request.
    -[Search] will give a random list where you can invite them to be your friends, as long as they and you have space in your friends list.
    -[Make Friends] is where requests from other people will pile up for you to accept.
    -Note: in order to be friends, both parties must consent, meaning you send a request and he approves, or he sends you a request and you approve of it.
    -If you're not getting friend requests, its either you already have a full list, no one actually wants to use your mercenary (so change it under [Expedition]), or you are already in the level zone where most people already have a full list of friends where they could gain 50 points instead of 10 points when using a random person.
    -To look for random friends, go to Chat [...] on upper right hand screen during battle or in home screen. Click [Select Channel] and go to channel zero. Politely ask people to add you or you may click people's underlined names to send them an invitation. Wait for their acceptance and look at your own [Make Friends] tab to accept new friend requests.
    -You may also check out our forum under Introduction>Friend Request>Server and add them through the Search Tab.
    -Harvest 4k Gold from Gold cylinder - recharges a little every second, gets full after 6 hours.
    -Use Mana Stone Compactor 5 times - recharges daily.
    -Attempt to modify Potential 1 time - regardless if you choose to replace it or not.
    -Attempt to enhance equipment 3 times - regardless if its equipped or not, successful or not.
    -Receive Energy from energy flask once - you can click the [?] button below the flask to look for the time it spawns (currently at 12nn-3pm and 6pm-9pm).
    -Get expedition rewards at least once - regardless if you started or set the expedition beforehand.
    -Clear normal (non-boss) dungeon once - includes all difficulty level as long as it's not a boss dungeon.
    -Clear boss dungeons 3 times - includes bosses in Lost Island.
    -Play any Nephthys Dungeon 3 times.
    -Do Battle of Honor once regardless of win or loss.
    -Clear 1 stage of Dimensional Breakthrough - gold farming area.
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    Nov 24, 2015
    III. At Certain Hour Checks
    -[Expedition] (depends on the island chosen)
    -[Battle of Honor] - recharges 1 battle energy per hour
    -Lab Energy Flask
    Advice: Make full use of your energy. Do something if you're bored, while placing on Auto-retry to grind for you.
    1. How does auto-retry work? Past Tezen map, you will have another option besides the usual [Play] mode. Clicking on Auto-retry will bring up a screen. Clicking on it will make you choose if you want to have an auto-select of mercenaries (lowest first). If you do, the game will repeat or run that particular dungeon in auto mode, getting all the rewards for you, restarting it again until you either: lack energy, have full equipment, have full materials, have finished all available entries for the day, or have full FP points.

    IV. Crystal Usage Suggestions
    Check out a F2P Guide on Buying Crystals for more in-depth discussions
    -[Expedition] Level 4 (Unlocks 2nd Slot)
    -Friends Max to 50 or more
    -[Expedition] Level 10 (Unlocks 3rd Slot)
    -Lord Mastery Points
    F2P Suggestions for masteries: See Section of Lord Skills and Mastery Points below
    -Coocoo Resets (ideally start resetting when you hit level 7-10)
    1. Do I have to do Coocoo dungeons every day? YES, if you want to level up. Using Coocoo cards under [Synthesis] of each hero nets you the greatest exp compared to grinding in dungeons.
    2. How to defeat those uberly insane strong coocoos? Look at the enemy stats of each. At their passive, they will indicate some sort of gimmick which will lessen their defense or counter attack damage. Find heroes which have such skills to help you finish the levels.
    3. I can't finish a level with SS Rank, what level should I play? Finishing a higher tier coocoo at S Rank will net you more exp than the previous tier with SS Rank. If you are bound to get an A/B Rank, better quit the game already as you'll be wasting an entry for lesser experience.
    -Lord Costume (if you have extra gems; all costumes bought stack in effect)
    -Capsules (Roll only for enough 4Star - 5Star accessories otherwise, do only in excess)
    1. What is the difference between a gold coocoo and black coocoo? There are two main types of crystal capsules. The gold coocoo are normally priced capsules with a small chance to get any piece of normal equipment or set piece equipment. Black coocoo are higher priced capsules with a small chance to get any piece of normal equipment or a set piece which is featured (look by clicking the magnifying glass). Note that both coocoos DO NOT GUARANTEE any set piece draws regardless of any ongoing event.
    2. What does getting a 'unique' item in a 10 roll mean? Equipment in the game are ranked according to grades: Normal (Light Brown) < Rare (Green) < Epic (Blue) < Unique (Orange) < Legendary (Pink). As seen, unique items are second to the highest in grade and DO NOT EQUATE to a set piece.

    V. Expedition
    -Expeditions give out hero exp, gold, ancient coins, and sometimes, mana and crystals.
    -Occasionally, you may obtain relics which give boosts to items received as stated above. This is indicated as a red bar and gold crown beside the ongoing expedition.
    -Under [Mercenary] in [Expedition] tab, you may change the hero who your friends can use/borrow. Higher level and heroes with Area of Effect (AoE) skills are highly recommended for starters (ex. Kai/Deborah).

    -Check this guide for additional uses of mercenaries.
    -Refer to this link for more a in depth guide

    1. Is it worth it to get [Expedition] to level 10? YES. You get the third hero expedition and get more rewards in the long run.

    Advice: Use high percentage mercenary helpers for longer expeditions if you cannot come back to the game as often.

    The [*] indicates the changes.
    [Level 2]
    Expedition Ship ---- 1
    General rewards bonus --- +10% *
    Crystal Cost --- 56

    [Level 3]
    ES --- 1
    GRB --- 10%
    Cost for immediate completion --- -10% *
    CC --- 111

    [Level 4]
    ES --- 2 *
    GRB--- +10%
    Additional rewards bonus --- +10% *
    CIC --- -10%
    CC --- 167

    [Level 5]
    ES --- 2
    GRB --- +10%
    ARB --- +10%
    CIC --- -10%
    Relic rewards bonus --- +15% *
    CC --- 222

    [Level 6]
    ES --- 2
    GRB --- +10%
    ARB --- +10%
    CIC --- -20% *
    RRB --- +15%
    CC --- 276

    [Level 7]
    ES --- 2
    GRB --- +20% *
    ARB --- +10%
    CIC --- -20%
    RRB --- +15%
    CC --- 332

    [Level 8]
    ES --- 2
    GRB --- +20%
    ARB --- +20% *
    CIC --- -20%
    RRB --- +15%
    CC --- 386

    [Level 9]
    ES ---- 2
    GRB --- +20%
    ARB --- +20%
    CIC --- -20%
    RRB --- +30% *
    CC --- 444

    [Level 10]
    ES --- 3 *
    GRB --- +20%
    ARB --- +20%
    CIC --- -20%
    RRB --- +30%
    CC --- 500

    VI. Genetic [Lab] Analyzer
    -Used to obtain heroic genes which cannot be found elsewhere in the game
    -Uses unknown genes (UG) and blue unknown (BU) genes
    -UG can be acquired through gameplay in story dungeons, achievements, and as daily log-in rewards
    -5 UG spawn a random number of genes for the hero of your choice: Chris, Sraka, Ian, or Alfred
    -BU Genes can be acquired by daily log-in reward on DAY 24 (you must log in-game for at least 24 days, regardless if consecutive or not for the same month; the day timer resets at 1st day of each month).
    -30 BU Genes exchanges for 1 hero of your choice: Rage, Alex, Tao, Shu-Shu, or Zero
    -Drawing a BU Hero you already have will give you 670 BU of that hero instead

    VII. Character Status Definitions
    1. How do I look in depth in hero stats? Under [Information] Tab of one hero in the [Hero] Interface, you may click the magnifying glass. Clicking on the % icon on the upper left will transmute decimal numbers to percentage and vice versa.
    2. What are the white and red values in the hero status interface? The white number is the total value of that certain stat (baseline of hero stat plus red number). The red number is the additions of the stat obtained from equipment, equipment options, potentials, lord battle mastery skills.
    -HP: Hero's health. Your hero is knocked down if it becomes 0
    -MP: Hero's mana. Required for using skills. Regenerates a certain amount per turn
    -Attack: Affects damage on enemies
    -Defense: Affects damage taken from enemies
    1. How important is defense? So far, it is a very important stat for PVE. If you can't maintain high values, then use the Lord Skill Grace.
    2. How much should I aim if I'm F2P? At least 40%, ideally at 50%, best above 60%.
    -Critical: Affects chance to inflict critical damage
    -Dodge: Affects chance to evade enemy attacks
    1. Is this build viable? It is commonly used for PVP. It is best to start only building dodge heroes when at 4 to 5 stars. Below such, it is hard to make this build work without sets.
    -Hit Rate: Affects chance to successfully hit enemies
    1. Is this important? Relatively YES, for most heroes. Enemy AI's have commonly low dodge except for tower of dawn and fairies. Once you encounter them, you're bound to miss if you have low hit rates.
    2. How much should I aim if I'm F2P? At least 10% for PVE and 20% for PVP.
    3. I want to use bows but lack hit rate, what should I do? Use ring accessories to boost hit rate.
    -Counter Damage: Affects counterattack damage
    -Mastery: Helps minimize fluctuations of damage on enemies
    1. How to raise mastery? Some heroes have costumes with a mastery stat, otherwise, you would need a necklace accessory to boost this stat.
    2. Is it important? YES. Reaching 95-100% will show your hero's true damage for all of his/her hits.
    -Counter Rate: Affects chance to counterattack enemies
    -Cooperation: Affects damage value of cooperation attack (higher rank gives higher assist damage; almost 100% assist damage for hero specific cooperation)
    -Movement: Affects number of tiles you can move
    -Growth: Affects leveling speed: Slow, Normal, and Fast

    VIII. Attack Vs Damage
    -Attack - as stated above, is a status of a character. This can be raised by level-up, equipment upgrades, potentials, and costume. It can be expressed in percent as in skills.
    -Damage - the final value done to the enemy after you add all parameters like attack, skill level, terrain, cooperation bonus, direction, potential, etc.

    Check this link for a more in-depth discussion of this matter.
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    IX. Hero Skills
    -Under [Hero], go to [Skill] tab to read descriptions of a hero's skills.
    -Each skill requires a certain number of hero genes to level up.
    1. Where to get hero genes? Most heroes have their own dungeons, others in the blue gene analyzer, and others through game events.
    2. Which skills should I level up first? In general, skills with percent utility (such as 30% Charm, or 45% Disarm) should be leveled up first. 100% chance skills could be leveled up last if you just need that certain debuff. Next priority would be high skill% nuking skills. For support, buffs such as defense up should ideally be prioritized.
    3. Do hero effects stack? As long as its from two different heroes or two skills of one hero, effects stack (ex. Deb's 3rd and 2nd DoT).
    -First skill for normal storyline heroes will retain the value of 15MP cost, while the second and third skills will increase in MP cost at each level-up.
    -Maximum skill level is 10.

    Advice: Read all skills, especially passives. You might be missing out on great effects for your hero/team.
    Advice: Check MP usage of skill before upgrading to avoid being unable to cast a skill multiple times.

    Check this guide for status ailments or skill gimmicks explanations.

    X. Hero Potentials
    -Under [Potentials] tab in hero menu, these give your hero additional stats.
    -Special Potentials: Stun immunity (3rd slot only), Confusion immunity (4th slot only), Charm immunity (5th slot only) are also applicable in pvp.

    For a beginner guide, check this link.
    For more a more in-depth discussion, check this guide.

    XI. Hero Synthesis
    -EXP [Synthesis] gives experience points to the hero by using materials and gold.
    1. What are materials? These are items which are used to either level your characters or progress them in star level.
    2. Where do I get them? Mostly in Nephthys Dungeon.
    3. How to use Coocoo items? Go to the [Synthesis] tab of a hero you want to level. Click on the slots then the cards you wish to use. Click done and synthesize.
    4. What are devil souls? These are items received from events which can be used to double the experience received from synthesis items.
    -Use the same element of the hero (ex. Chris needs Paper element coocoo cards) to obtain double amount of experience.
    -Feeding random monster cards costs more gold relative to the exp they give, so it is not advisable to use them.

    XII. Hero Rebirth
    -Meet required level, materials, and gold to progress the hero (more skills, more stats).
    -Rebirth Golem Materials can be obtained from Nephthys Dungeon
    -The following are the level requirements, gold, and Rebirth Golems needed to proceed to:
    o 2S - level 30; 7k; Grade 1 x 2
    o 3S - level 40; 65k; Gr 1 x 5, Gr 2 x 8, Gr 3 x 1
    o 4S - level 50; 218k; Gr 2 x 10, Gr 3 x 16, Gr 4 x 6
    o 5S - level 60; 480k; Gr 2 x 12, Gr 3 x 18, Gr 4 x 22

    XIII. Recruitment Hero Information
    - Some characters need a pre-requisite character in order to unlock their genes
    Chain 1: Chris -> Jack -> Lily -> Lilid
    chain 2: Ian -> Dolores -> Poni -> Gillan -> Cleo
    chain 3: Aflred -> Lance -> Deborah -> Jenny -> Domnique
    chain 4: Sraka -> Raboff -> Jin* -> Bearman -> Kitty -> Elektra -> Lee
    chain 5: Kai -> Carrot -> Mas* -> Sonic Boom -> Serendi*
    (*) asterisk means there is no pre-requite to obtain the heroes, but is required for gene farming
    - Genes can only be attained on difficulty mode or higher

    - The following is the list of Heroes, where to get them, and some of their difficulty requirements:
    [Momo, Mu, Shark, Unknown] - Purchase gene in Ancient coin shop
    [Chenny, Nirvana, Muang] - Obtain gene from lost island
    [Lena, Fruel] - Obtain gene from dimensional battle
    [Sione] - Obtain gene from clearing dungeon achievements, 100% completion rate
    [Carrot] - Hell (requires Kai)
    [Lance] - Difficult (requires Alfred)
    [Deborah] - Hell (requires Lance)
    [Mas] auto joined after defeated - Difficult (requires Carrot)
    [Jenny] - Difficult (requires Deborah]
    [Dolores] - (requires Ian)
    [Sonic Boom] - Difficult (requires Mas)
    [Poni] - Difficult mode (requires Ian), Hell mode (requires Dolores)
    [Jack] - Hell (requires Chris)
    [Serendi] auto joined after defeated - Hell (requires Alfred), Chaos (requires Sonic Boom)
    [Gillan] - Hell (requires Poni)
    [Lily] - Hell (requires Jack)
    [Raboff] - Hell (requires Sraka)
    [Dominique] - Hell (requires Jenny)
    [Cleo] - Chaos (requires Gillan)
    [Jin] auto joined after defeated - Chaos (requires Raboff)
    [Bearman] - Hell mode (requires Serendi), Chaos mode (requires Jin)
    [Moa] - Difficult (Only Rock Party), Hell (Only Scissors Party), Chaos (Only Paper Party)
    [Lilid] - Chaos (requires Lily)
    [Kitty] - Hell (requires Bearman)
    [Elektra] - Hell (requires Sraka), Chaos (requires Henry)
    [Lee] - Chaos (requires Elektra)
    [Alex, Rage, Shu-Shu, Tao, Zero] - Blue Gene Analyzer
    [Yekaterina] - Tower of Dawn Hard Level 110 Prize
    [Seira, Raskreia] - Noblesse Raizel Event March 2016
    [Muzaka] - Noblesse Lost Island Raizel Event March 2016

    For a run down on hero stats at 5S, look here.

    XIV. Lord Skills and Mastery Points
    -A lord level-up will give one lord point for distribution.
    1. What does the Miser skill under support do? It cuts down the amount needed for experience [Synthesis] and [Rebirth] only as of current patch.
    2. Does the Skilled Expedition skill under support work? Yes. It is noticeable more at longer expeditions.
    3. I'm F2P, what should I get?
    Battle Mastery: Enhance Hellfire>Enhance Grace>Increase Defense and/or Increase HP and/or Increase Attack (depending on your heroes)>Increase Crit Rate
    Support: Leadership>Forced March>Skilled Expedition>Insight and/or Energy Saving
    Do hero and lord exp buff until 64, then reset to above.
    4. How to reset skills and how much does it cost? Click on the reset button. This will cost you an initial of 2,000 gold which will increase by increments for each use of the reset button per battle or support mastery.
    5. How much does buying lord skill points cost? It has an initial cost of 50 crystals for the first 10. It will increase by 10 crystals for the next ten, another ten for the next, and so on.
    5. How can I change what I announce to my friends? Go to [Lord] and change it in [Word of the Day].

    Check this guide on how to fill the lord gauge efficiently.

    XV. Equipment and Enhancement Matters
    -Non-set equipment can be obtained through normal gameplay, as daily log-in prize, capsules (both red and crystal capsule), and Nephthys dungeon.
    -Set equipment can be obtained randomly from crystal capsules/tickets; costs 10 crystals to unbind.
    1. How does set equipment work? Some set equipment have "activation" requirements. Be sure to read them and apply it to the correct type of hero (ex. Scissor only, Attack type only), otherwise, they will only work as normal gear. Set equipment has 2 effects- first effect will activate when you have equipped 2 pieces of the same set to one hero. The second effect will activate when you equipped the 3 piece set of the same set to one hero.
    2. Any other way to get set equipment? Finishing boss levels of tower of dawn will reward you with ticket capsules which MAY give you set equipment pieces. Finishing level 55 and 110 will reward you with Tower of Dawn Capsule which contains a complete 3 piece set equipment, with random rarity and star rating.
    3. Do set equipment with all allies effect, stack? YES.
    -Accessories can be obtained in Sphinx dungeon at a low chance, at Chaos achievement prize, or from crystal capsules.
    1. Any other way to get accessories besides Sphinx and Crystal Capsules? Tickets for equipment from daily, events, or tower of dawn MAY give you accessories.

    -Grades: Normal (Light Brown) < Rare (Green) < Epic (Blue) < Unique (Orange) < Legendary (Pink)
    -Equipment can be upgraded once it has achieved its maximum level for that grade.
    -Success rate of enhancement decreases with each upgrade and rarity.

    -Materials needed for upgrading can be found in Nephthys Dungeon.
    -Weapons need Purple Orihalcum; Armors need Yellow Adamantium; Accessories need Blue Mithril.
    -Assembly and disassembly of materials is possible with gold by clicking the recycle icon on the upper right of the equipment window.
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    1. What are the numbers or stats in some of my equipment? They are called 'options' or what players sometimes call equipment potentials. The values are randomly obtained per grade upgrade of an equipment.
    2. Is there a way to modify options? You may use modification stones (potion icon). It is highly suggested you get the Lord Skill for option mastery and only change when an equipment is of legendary grade. Otherwise, keep on upgrading equipment to get the option you want.
    3. Where to get these modification stones? It can be randomly obtained through disassembly of Rare+ Equipment (Legendary grade will assure you of at least one), friendship points, rewards for daily or events, and tower of dawn
    4. What should I equip my heroes? For beginners, the safest bet would be to equip armor and swords to all until you get accessories and understand in-depth hero stats and equipment mechanics.
    5. Why do I keep getting hammers or shields in tickets, are they good? There seems to be a higher chance of getting shields and hammers as freebies. Unfortunately, shields so far are very limited to certain heroes. Hammers on the other hand has higher damage than bows and swords. There are certain heroes which would benefit from a mix of hammers and the other weapons depending on the current stats you already have for that character.
    6. Do I need to equip necklaces? As stated in hero stats, you can only get Mastery from necklaces thus it is imperative to have at least one in every hero (except full tanks like Bearman).
    7. Should I expand my equipment inventory? It depends if you're a hoarder or not. Most people who play regularly and don't mind the extra grind to get the equipment they need stick with the original 50 cap.

    For available equipment options, click here.

    There are three things you need to consider when equipping heroes:
    1) which stat works best with this hero (best hero stat)
    2) which stat does the hero need (worst hero stat)
    3) are the options (extra 'stats' of each equipment at higher grades) compatible with what you want for the hero
    When you look at a hero's stat, you consider his type (whether defence, balance, attack, etc) and stats. There are some generalizations for each class which can help you decide.
    Ideally, you need to balance both 1) and 2).
    Once you've decided how to build your heroes, you'll note there are additional stats of each higher ranked equipment. These are called options which appear +1 for each upgrade in equipment rarity. Rarer options, meaning those pink>red>blue>green>plain, would give more additions in your combat rating (red number) but not necessarily mean they are good for that particular hero. A hero who has no inclination for counter rate will not benefit whatsoever with a counter stat option. If it was just a green rarity option but gave you MP ups or MP regens, then this would benefit the hero more but will give you lower combat rating compared to a pink option.
    Combat rating is just an estimation of how strong or rare your equipment and potentials are, but does not always mean better synergistic equipment. Some people have very high combat ratings but can be easily defeated because they don't take their equipment options and potentials seriously.
    Advice: Do not let the red combat rating solely affect how you equip your heroes.

    XVI. Special Dungeons (Nephthys and Lost Island)
    - Nephthys Dungeon
    :1st row coocoos give exp, Queen's give gold, King's give mana, and Sphinx gives random mana, gold, equipment including accessory (small chance)

    -Lost Island - opens every two weeks with shifting Hero: Muang, Chenny, Nirvana (as of Feb 2016 Patch)
    o Muang's First Appearance: Nov 21-22, 2015; Latest: Feb 13-15, 2016
    o Chenny's First Appearance: Dec 5-6, 2015; Latest: Feb 27-29, 2016
    o Nirvana's First Appearance: Jan 16-18, 2016; Latest: Feb 5-7, 2016
    1. How do I defeat the hordes of mobs in Lost Island? You DON'T. You only need to defeat the boss to finish the stage.
    2. Is it worth it to grind at Tier 2 dungeon if I can't finish at least the Tier 3? If you have the time and energy for it, go ahead. Remember that the next will come in a month and a half's time (6 weeks). So if you are willing to wait for it, it's up to you.
    3. Is it worth it to use energy potions for Lost Island? In unlocking the basic hero, yes. In maximizing their skills, there is no need to be in such as hurry as they will come in again. For all L.I. heroes, the priority will be to at least max 3rd skill for them to useful as a main hero.

    If you are having difficulties, check out the guide section for tips on how to defeat the bosses in lost island.

    XVII. Party Formation and Hero Icons
    -Most dungeons are composed of mixed properties. Thus it is advisable to have a mixture of paper, rock, and scissors.
    1. My team is so rock/paper/scissor heavy, what should I do? You may stick with it. There is nothing wrong with having an inclination of one advantage if you can finish all stages. For the main line story though, you might need to shift out some of them in order to pass certain stages with requirements (ex. Paper only maps)

    -Your party should consist usually of at least 1 type: look at the icon on top of portrait.
    o Defense/Tank (shield icon) x 1 - in general have high def, hp, and counter rate
    o Area of Effect/AoE (plus icon) x 1-2 - in general have above average crit rates, low hp/def
    o Balanced Types (balance scales icon) which usually have long ranged attacks and area damage x 1-2 - in general have above average hp/def, below average hit rate
    o Attack/Melee (sword icon) x 0-1 - in general have high attack and dodge, low hit rate
    o Support/Healer (heart icon) x 0-1 - in general have below average hp/def/hit

    -Recommended party order:
    o Hero with lowest movement at front
    o First and last are ranged units as some monsters may suicide bomb upon death
    Tip: Suicide bomber monsters will not damage you on death if they are stunned or charmed (if charmed, they will damage their own allies instead of you, except for the mother bomber in tower of dawn)
    o Leave Defense/Tanks at front nearest the enemies at end turn

    1. Do I need a healer in my team? Eventually if you play tower of dawn and near end-game, YES, you would need a dedicated healer.
    2. I feel that some heroes are not killing enough as before, what should I do? It may be time to replace them. Some heroes obtained at the start have stronger with more utility counterparts so it is natural that you shift old heroes out. This game is versatile and some heroes get buffed/adjusted over time.

    XVIII. Coocoo's Gift
    -If you decide to buy the starter pack with real money, it will immediately give you 150 crystals + 90k gold.
    -An additional 50 crystals will be sent to you for 30 days as long as you log-in.
    -In total, you get 200 crystals + 90k gold up front and 1450 crystals in the remaining 29 days.
    -Upon near expiration, it will prompt you if you would like to renew subscription.

    XIX. Tower of Dawn and Coocoo Chests
    -As of December 2015, a new dungeon has opened with two modes: Normal (1-55) and Hard (56-110).
    -Upon finishing Hard Mode, you will receive Yekaterina Hero.
    -Difference from usual dungeon: counter strategies like elemental advantage are boosted, can be only climbed once per month, resets on the 1st of every month with changing monster and map formations.
    -Coocoo Chests: Are red chests with gold rim and coocoo face randomly obtained after finishing any dungeon in the world map; gives various prizes.
    -Perfect Genes: Can be obtained either from coocoo chests or ToD; can be used as a universal skill leveling gene
    1. Who to use Perfect Genes for? Limited gene heroes which are not accessible daily or are hard to acquire such as: Tower of Dawn Hero Yekaterina>Blue Gene Heroes>Dimensional Breakthrough Heroes>PVP Heroes.
    2. Can I finish tower of dawn with only one team? NO. Some levels have certain requirements which will force you to use other heroes.
    - Energy Potions: Can be obtained in the tower, as daily reward, or in coocoo chests which can be used to fill your energy ball to full (all excess will be overwritten to a full energy bar)

    (credits for the first version goes to Lord cMYui);
    Original Post -> https://m.nexon.com/forum/thread/429-Guide-for-Newbie

    Thanks for reading until the end. This will be my last 'contribution' and update about this game as Ive reached my limit. More power to the game and its future gamers! Pillowaddict officially signing off.
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