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Discussion in 'General' started by Bunny153539, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Bunny153539

    Bunny153539 Member

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    Jan 1, 2016
    Sup People, I need to buy a new phone soon. I was looking at either the Moto G (4th Generation) or the IPhone SE. Does anyone have either of these? If so can you tell me how much it effects battery life, and how well the game looks on them?
  2. Juny

    Juny Member

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    Apr 12, 2016
    Moto G 4th Gen definitely packs a better hardware than iPhone SE in terms of being faster and have more features.
    However, iPhone definitely has a better build quality even on SE models.

    It all comes down to a user's preference at the end of the day due to size, aesthetics and etc.

    However, I would personally weigh raw performance over anything else if gaming is the main task your phone will do.
    Therefore, if gaming is your thing, I would suggest Moto G (4th gen.) over iPhone SE.

    On the side note, using iPhone SE and playing on PC using MeMu isn't a bad idea either.
    And if you more choices, there are other phones in that price range that might suite your taste more.
  3. snapste

    snapste New Member

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    Dec 5, 2016
    I think you should buy Iphone. Iphone is considered to be the best phone for keeping users' safety. i have been using it for many years and I don't want to change to use other kind at all.

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