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Rivals with Benefits (Klein and Lord: Romance, Drama)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by xxxMilkTeaxxx, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. xxxMilkTeaxxx

    xxxMilkTeaxxx Member

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    Feb 14, 2016
    Rivals with Benefits
    by xxxMilkTeaxxx
    : Romance, Drama
    Summary: Klein has an unrequited crush on Lord, but he believes that Lord would never feel anything but hatred for him. Primarily takes place during Ketarh Magic School. Lots of fluff, really.
    Warnings: swearing, boyxboy love, spoilers on where to find Klein
    You never knew, but I was always looking at you. Only you. But you never looked back.

    Sunlight filtered through the glass panels of Ketarh Magic Academy, a school renowned for its superior magical education and state of the art technology. The crowded hallways were bustling with students and professors alike, some sharing battle tactics while others stood to the side and socialized. One figure however, remained in the corner. They had buried their nose into a thick textbook, with magical symbol engravings carved on the front. Only the figure’s blond hair could be seen poking out.

    The school bell rang, and the students quickly dispersed. Some had class, while others retired to their dorm rooms. However, the lone figure stayed perfectly still, back leaning against the wall. His slim fingers wasted no time finding the required page, eyes skimming up and down the text.

    Blue eyes shot up from the textbook upon hearing the sound of quiet footsteps. A brief flicker of recognition and disdain passed through his eyes, “Klein.” he greeted. His attention returned to his textbook, before silence filled the hallway again.

    Klein nodded, even though the person in front of him wasn’t looking at him anymore. Seconds stretched into minutes, and neither of the two appeared as if they were going to say anything else.

    “I’ve heard you got second place,” Klein began, “Congratulations.” His voice was impassive, but the sincerity was there.

    The blond magician scoffed, as he thumbed through the pages, “And I’ve heard you got first place,” he replied with a tinge of a bitter smirk, “Congratulations.”

    Klein shook his head, “You would’ve won.” he whispered. “You should’ve won.” he corrected. He felt himself flinch when the textbook suddenly slammed shut. An unnerving silence followed.

    “You think I need your sympathy?” the figure smiled maliciously, “Of course I should’ve won. But those dimwitted fools can’t see passion and genius when it’s right in front of their faces.” he spat. He circled around Klein slowly, who had yet to move. “Who they want,” he began slowly, fingers carefully combing through violet strands, “Is a polite fucking idiot who they can manipulate.”

    “Who I want is you.” Klein responded quietly. The figure froze, hand tensing around the piece of hair in his hand. “All this time, I’ve only been looking at you. I only want you.”

    The silence lingered before it was broken by a cold chuckle. “You’re still going on about that?” The figure smiled, letting the strands pass through his fingers. “I don’t understand how my affections would benefit you. My magic and your magic aren’t compatible. I mean, teleportation magic? Lame.”

    “Is it that hard to believe that I hold these kind of feelings for you?” Klein asked, his eyes fluttering shut. “And not because I want something from you?”

    The blonde smirked, “I know how others think Klein, I’m not naive.” he answered coldly. “You’ve gotten rather conceited these days. Perhaps I should put you in your place-” he threatened, mana starting to gather around him.

    “You’re scared.”

    The figure flinched at the words, but he didn’t lower his wand. “How so,” he fought off a grimace, “I’m challenging you to a duel here. The one that should be scared is you.”

    “No, you’re scared,” Klein replied gently. “Look at me for once.”

    Klein dodged the burst of magic with ease. It hit the magic-proof wall behind him harmlessly.

    “I’m looking, you bastard! And I don’t see anything impressive!” the blonde magician growled, dashing towards the other with his wand held firmly in his hand.

    Klein sighed, and brought his arm up. “Disarm.” he whispered. Suddenly, the other’s wand disappeared in a cloud of smoke, causing him to dry heave. The long haired magician smiled faintly. Teleportation magic had its perks.

    Before the other could fully recover, Klein swooped in and grabbed both of the blond’s hands. He pinned them above the other’s head, which was easy, as the other was fairly average in strength due to his lack of participation in Alfred’s activities.

    “Nng, Klein! Stop it, you fucking bastard! Let me go, I’ll-” he growled.

    Klein carefully restrained the blond’s hands with his one hand, and with his free hand, he tilted the other’s face towards him. “Look at me.” he ordered. Blue eyes shot open and glared at him.

    “I’m looking, I said! Are you deaf-?”

    “Can I kiss you?” Klein whispered, his breath close enough to mingle with the other’s.

    The blonde gulped, his eyes widening, “Klein, what the fuck is wrong with you-?!” he stuttered, his eyes closing desperately. Escape. He needed to escape.

    “See? You’re not looking at me,” Klein sighed softly, gently caressing the blond’s cheek. “You don’t want to see me and my feelings for you because you’re afraid.”

    The figure trembled, and had Klein been any more of a pushover, he would have let the blond magician go. However, he was certain he was going to get his answer today. A clear rejection that would certainly break him and his heart, but it was necessary. He could leave everything behind. But he couldn’t leave his little bundle of mischief and his only joy behind. He was too weak to cut it off himself, but certainly, his hotheaded self-proclaimed rival would have no trouble destroying what little relation they had. Then, he would go on to join-

    “...Do as you wish.”

    Klein’s breath hitched at the quiet whisper. The shorter magician still refused to look him in the eye, but he had stopped trembling. Klein didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at this point. But he knew he would’ve been the one lying if he said he wasn’t overjoyed.

    “I love you,” Klein whispered, leaning closer, “my-”


    “-Lord!” a high pitched voice yelled, “Are you listening? Sione said we can find Klein on Moon Island!”

    “Ah,” Lord answered, mind still a little frazzled from the sudden flashback, “That so, Serendi.”

    Sione had a knowing smile on her lips, but she remained silent. Alfred turned around to face his pupil, who was still giving the impression that he wasn’t truly listening.

    “That’s right, disciple. Weren’t you rivals with Klein back in school?”

    Lord felt his cheeks warm, but if anyone noticed, they didn’t point it out. “...It had its benefits.”

    Serendi suddenly perked up, “So you two were rivals with benefits!” she proclaimed excitedly.

    Chris let out an uncharacteristic shriek when Lord slumped to the ground.

    P.S I know Lord is skilled, and he shouldn't be disarmed so easily, but Klein's skilled too. Oh, and sorry if I messed anything up, I wrote this quickly cause I need to shower. Hope Lord's (kinda?) in character. Thanks for reading~
  2. Skyris

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    Jan 27, 2016
    I smiled at this :D
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  3. AlmaBeoulve

    AlmaBeoulve Member

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    Dec 22, 2015
    Well done. That one got me going ;-)
    I look forward to their next encounter.

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