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Team Re-Balancing Advice?

Discussion in 'Team, Heroes & Equipment' started by Braeken, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Braeken

    Braeken New Member

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    Feb 1, 2017
    Up until now, just been using whatever characters I felt like and not really putting too much thought into gear. However, now on Ashan, as well as trying to clear the Tower of Dawn's 55th floor, and having trouble with them. Current team, despite being made of 5 star characters, is too heavily weighted towards blue types, however. Really need to rebalance it, as well as fixing gear.

    Team :
    Of current team (Valkyrie, Chris, Rachel, Celestial, Shu-Shu), probably the two I think should keep are Celestial and Shu-Shu. Both of them are quite good for both heals (Cel's passive, Shu's abilities) and dps. Chris isn't bad as a tank, though Valkyrie is far more durable. However, Chris' damage is significantly higher. Can't quite decide which to keep - whilst Valk is better tank, I've personally rarely found tanking a managable tactic. Aggro not really a thing in this, so unless I can block units by blocking a route, doesn't get me far. And useless against ranged. Then there's Rachel, who has nice damage but is more of a team filler than anything else.
    Main thing in terms of team balancing I think need to do is replace Rachel and one of Chis/Valk with either two green or one green/one red type.
    I'll list chars I have at end, so if anyone can advise on team balancing, be appreciated :)

    Gear :
    Really need to fix my gear. Unfortunately, I have dire luck when it comes to getting sets, so I'm mostly relying on generic gear.
    Of the characters I intend to keep, Celestial and Shu-Shu are both currently geared with crit weapons and accessory, with dodge armour on Shu and def on Cel (Cel also has her personal g3 set). Chris is currently built with counter weapon/shield, and defense accessory, whereas Valk has counter weapon and def armour/acc.
    Have a feeling that their gear isn't right for them atm, so could use advice in fixing it, as well as gearing for characters intend to rebalance team with.

    Available Chars (freshly updated as of 9th) :
    5 star - Chris, Valkyrie, Celestial, Rachel, Shu-Shu, Ian
    4 star - Mercedes, Deborah, Serendi, Sraka, Carrot
    3 star - Evan, Deimos, Dominique, Noel, Ragna, Muzaka, Raskreia, Bearman, Poni, Alfred, Jin, Jin Kisaragi, Kitty, Krut, Moa, Reina
    2 star - Lance, Kai, Lily, Sonic Boom, Cleo, Dolores, Frankenstein, Gillan, Henry, Jack, Jenny, Lilid, Mas, Momo, Mu, Muang, Phantom, Raboff, Zero

    Any help anyone can give me in creating a better team would be much appreciated :)
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2017

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