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Where to aim? Help to a beginner.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Sydonia, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Sydonia

    Sydonia New Member

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    Sep 13, 2016
    EDIT: I meant to post it on the units subforum. I already reported it.

    Hey, I'm really new to the game, I started playing yesterday. I'm on Company, and I only have the mandatory units up to Mas, everyone 2* except Mas. I'd like to get the more heroes I can, and not to waste time. So my question is what should I do.

    1) Should I keep advancing with this units for now?
    2) Should I by now try to get good units (Spooky, Banshee, Deimos, Celestial)?
    3) Should I farm genes for the bosses I have beaten (Deborah, Golem, Carrot, etc.), or it would be faster to try to get a good party and farm easily later?
    3) How should I spend my crystals?

    In advance, thank you for your help.
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  2. Xalgn

    Xalgn New Member

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    Apr 27, 2016
    1) Mas is a nice healer earlier on, as he's pure healing. Heroes you could keep and are useful later on are Deborah, Jenny, Mas, and Jack.
    If you can, try to find a guild. If you do guild raid for a full week, you can get Valkyrie! (When you say mandatory units, what do you mean? xD)
    2) By now, you could try getting Spooky or Celestial. Celestial's dungeon isn't too hard, and I think it's a permanent feature. No need to rush xD Banshee and Deimos still might be difficult, but you can give it a shot. I can barely get 3 gems for Deimos per run x_x
    3) If you want stronger heroes, you should definitely farm their genes and level up their skills. If you're having trouble with the bosses, you can add others and use their mercenaries :p
    4) First thing you should do is level up your expedition (go into the expedition level tab to level it up). Get it to lvl 10 ASAP! After that, you can start buying lord (support) mastery points. As of now, you could spend your crystals on Deimos/Banshee package if their dungeon is too hard.
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